10 cool life hacks — how to make the learning process fun and productive?


Did you know that learning can actually be easy, fun, and even fun? It sounds unusual, but in fact it is … It is enough to apply a few useful life hacks that we have prepared especially for you and your children.

In modern education, several trends can be distinguished: this is the desire for an interactive presentation of material using technology to interest children, as well as facilitating the work of a teacher / educator. Our tips will help create an atmosphere for productive work in the classroom or kindergarten, so that you can not only concentrate on quality learning, but also always come to work with great pleasure!

Modern magnetic-chalk/marker wallpapers and flexible Uniwall boards come to the aid of teachers and educators. They will add brightness to the educational process, help to diversify it. Let’s look at this with examples:

Life hack 1. The most basic use of magnetic chalk wallpaper and flexible boards is blackboard. The main charm of our magnetic chalkboard UNIWALL in that you can create it of any size — even the entire wall. This will allow children of any age to write on the board calmly — everyone can reach it. The teacher will now have much more space to explain new topics. And of course, now you can call several students to the board at once!

Life hack 2. A board for the schedule of classes and circles, as well as an information board for parents. In which classroom will the next lesson be? And who is leading it? When is the parent meeting? What date do we celebrate the day of the primer? So many questions, so few answers! But now parents and students will always be aware of the latest news. Just look at the information board. Note that the information on the board can be arranged in completely different ways. Paint school disciplines by hand on the entire wall or place printed sheets and brochures with information on magnetic folders.

And of course, if changes appear, everything can be fixed easily and simply. Indeed, on our magnetic chalkboard, stains do not remain after erasing. And everything is absolutely clean, as if you bought a new board.

Life hack 3. Board with photos of students. How great it is to have common photos of the class, to remember how fun it was together at sea or some kind of excursion. You can attach all the photos to a magnetic chalkboard using magnets, add colorful children’s drawings directly to the board — the sun, emoticons, hearts. And the mood will always be positive, even if it’s rainy autumn outside!

In addition, you and the kids can write and erase on magnetic chalk wallpaper and UNIWALL flexible boards as much as you want — thanks to a huge guarantee of up to 10,000 erasures.

Life hack 4. Honorary school teachers and students. Such a board can be installed right in the corridor or in the main hall of the school so that everyone can see it. Of course, this will definitely motivate the rest of the students and teachers in the school, to set a clear and correct example.

And the magnetic chalkboard UNIWALL will help you with this.. You can use magnets to stick the photo on the wall and write it beautifully with chalk!

Life hack 5. Welcome to school! A pleasant atmosphere, like at home, is better to create from the door! And why not attach magnetic chalk wallpaper right at the entrance to the school? Here you can greet the kids, meet them with pleasant parting words from the director, teachers, and other students. Imagine how great it is to start each day on such a positive note!

Want bright colors? Our magnetic chalk wallpaper UNIWALL is available in 15 different colours. We are 100% sure that you will find the color you like!

Life hack 6. Board for teaching aids at school and documents in kindergarten. Magnetic chalkboard UNIWALL would look good in the teacher’s room. Here, as a rule, teachers gather to discuss important school issues, as well as to draw up a school plan and lesson schedule. In special magnetic folders you can store teaching aids and other important documents

Life hack 7. Magnetic marker wallpaper as a projector. School is a place where you can show yourself, your exciting projects and research. Use magnetic marker wallpaper as a whiteboard for your interesting presentations. If you need to connect a projector, then feel free to use magnetic marker wallpaper as a background. It all depends on your imagination!

Life hack 8. Wall with colorful children’s drawings in kindergarten. It’s no secret that in the kindergarten, children with a teacher are constantly preparing crafts, drawing something. Use the magnetic chalk wallpaper as a wall to show off your kids’ talents! For children, you can organize a real art gallery. And the name of the author can be signed at the bottom with chalk.

Life hack 9. Wall for themed holidays in kindergarten. Agree, children love holidays: New Year, February 23, March 8, the holiday of the Primer and many more interesting dates. Draw a beautiful thematic drawing on the entire wall, attach photos for memory, drawings of children from the holiday, useful information about these days, so that children from an early age know what kind of holidays they are.

Life hack 10. Magnetic chalk wallpaper for entertainment and development at recess. School in our understanding is always the right combination of business and pleasure. In the classroom, magnetic-chalk wallpaper can be used instead of the traditional blackboard familiar to us, and create during the break!

How many interesting things can be done on magnetic chalk wallpaper: draw, magnetize, draw, play games, etc.! And no one will sit on the Internet.

Modern magnetic chalk/marker wallpaper and flexible boards

UNIWALL it is, first of all, technology and a modern view of school education. It is easy and fast installation without noise and dust. It’s 15 colors to choose from. This guarantee is up to 10,000 erasures. This is UNIWALL!


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