Why do you need polarized glasses and how to choose them?


If you are involved in active sports such as running, climbing, skiing, motorcycling and love to drive a car, whether you are a professional driver or just an amateur, like to go fishing and hunting, then you are advised to choose special protective equipment. One of them is safety glasses, which should protect the eyes as much as possible from exposure to sunlight and from possible injuries.

In this article, we will look at one of the most important protective properties of glasses as polarization.

Let’s answer the main questions:

1. So, what is polarization?

Polarization is a physical phenomenon, that is, the filtering of light (glare) reflected from any horizontal surfaces. For example: roadway, glass showcase, water surface, ice, snow, walls, roofs of houses.

In simple terms, this is when a beam of light is reflected from a smooth surface and forms a glare.

2. How to cope with this phenomenon and why do we need polarized glasses?

Polarized glasses will help you deal with glare.

One of these models is presented in our store.

Sports glasses with Sport + polarization have the necessary characteristics:

1. Polarized glasses are equipped with dark impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses;

2. The frame fixes only the upper part of the glasses, this makes the glasses weightless. Weight 30 gr.;

3. Have an Anti-fog coating (protection against fogging and scratches);

4. 1st optical class (according to EN166 standard) means that Sport + glasses can be worn throughout the day without time limits;

5. They sit well, do not press, there is no feeling of discomfort;

6. Connections are strong, no play;

7. The goggles withstand a steel ball with a diameter of 6 mm, which was released at a speed of 120 m/s.

Polarized glasses should protect your eyes from the blinding glare that reflects light from various smooth surfaces.

Thus, polarized glasses — block the appearance of sun glare.

3. Who needs polarized glasses?

      — Drivers, cyclists, motorcyclists;
      — Fishermen and all those who work on the water;
      — Athletes (alpinists, skiers, snowboarders, etc.);
      -People with increased photosensitivity;
      -And to all those who want to protect themselves from sun glare, love comfort and take care of their health. Since polarized glasses protect your eyes from constant and long-term strain.

4. What are the properties of glasses with a polarizing filter?

    1. Natural color perception is preserved;
    2. The picture becomes clearer;
    3. Additional UV protection;
    4. Reduce eye fatigue;
    5. Provide good visibility at night and cloudy weather.

5. How to check if the glasses are polarized or not?

To do this, you can conduct a not very difficult test.

We need to take glasses and rotate them 90 ° relative to any LCD screen, if there is nothing suitable nearby, then we can use a regular smartphone, which we always have at hand. If there is a polarizing filter, then the image will be darkened, ordinary lenses will not give such an effect.

We also offer you to consider other models of sports, protective and sunglasses in our store. We are sure that you will definitely find among them an option that suits you.


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