What’s new in Xiaomi MI Band 5? — Rating 2022


Over the past few years, the Chinese brand Xiaomi has been breaking all records in terms of popularity. This is not surprising, because they keep abreast of the latest developments and try to produce really high-quality gadgets. What can you say about Xiaomi MI Band 5, which was presented on June 11, 2020? This is a new generation of smart bracelets, brought almost to the ideal. We have prepared a brief overview of innovations and improvements that will finally convince you that the fourth bracelet still needs to be changed to MI Band 5.

List of upgrades

  • Larger dynamic color screen. Now using the bracelet is much more convenient.
  • Magnetic charging. Very soon, it will completely replace the traditional ways of charging the battery in all gadgets.
  • NFC. Forgot your bank card at home? No problem! If it is linked to MI Band 5, you can pay with the bracelet in the store.
  • Ability to take remote photos. A cool option that allows you to quickly find the bracelet.
  • Updated sensor. Now the response to the touch of the fingers is much faster.
  • Professional sports modes. More precisely, there are eleven of them!
  • A specialized mode for tracking changes in the female body. For example, detailing the menstrual cycle.

Recognizable design

Xiaomi did not experiment and left the brand’s recognizable design to the fifth version of the bracelet. That is, outwardly MI Band 5 practically does not differ from the four. In our opinion, this is a good decision, since a recognizable design is a feature of the company. If you put two bracelets side by side (the previous and the new version), you will see the differences only when the screen is on. We have already said that the MI Band 5 has a slightly larger screen and better picture quality.

Software and features

As before, Mi Fit remains the main application for interacting with the bracelet. To link a new device, you need to click on the appropriate button and select the type of gadget. The rest of the application will already do itself by detecting the tracker. You will only have to confirm the pairing and you can start using the capabilities of Mi Smart Band 5 without restrictions. The application is very interesting, if you fully understand its capabilities. In addition to tracking your own health, you can add friends, share activity and sleep information, and follow their progress. This allows us to motivate each other to become better every day.


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