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A solid state drive is a necessary purchase for a PC. Its use will allow you to get a storage solution, as well as improve the performance of your computer. For clarity, we can draw an analogy with the operation of smartphones. They turn on without delay, which is not typical for a PC. This speed is due to the presence of flash memory. This speed is due to the presence of flash memory.

An SSD drive is a great replacement for a hard drive. It is more reliable and much faster. With it, the system boots faster, files are transferred and saved instantly. The solid state drive is durable, it is characterized by increased energy efficiency (compared to a hard drive).

Options to consider when choosing

The choice of SSD for a PC is based on different parameters. But two of them can be called significant: productivity and volume. Let’s consider them in more detail.


To find out what kind of performance an SSD drive has, you need to look at the table with technical specifications. You can be guided by the principle: the higher the performance, the better. But to understand how suitable the drive is in terms of performance, it will be possible only after testing. An objective assessment is possible by observing the behavior of the drive during its use (under specific scenarios). This is due to the load: when working with a particular application, it is different.

Drive performance depends on:

  • number and type of microcircuits;
  • controller models;
  • cache algorithm and capacitive indicators;
  • controller firmware.

Suitable volume

Modern SSD drives can have a wide range of capacities: a minimum of 120 GB and a maximum of 4 TB. Options from this range are possible. The larger the volume, the more expensive the cost will be. In order not to overpay, you should choose a drive based on specific tasks.

With a minimum capacity, it is possible to install an operating system and application applications. At the same time, there will also be space for placing various data (their storage).

The golden mean can be called the volume of 240-256 GB. Such drives can be called high-speed.

To install a library of games (which are resource-demanding), you will need a 480 TB SSD.

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