Toy weapons: do I need to buy one and how to choose?


Regarding toy weapons, there are two opposing opinions. Some believe that it provokes aggression in a child, and you can’t buy it, while others say the opposite — toys cannot provoke any aggression. Psychologists support the second opinion: toy weapons contribute to the knowledge of the world through imitation, the study of social relationships. These are attributes that reflect part of reality. Boys and girls, one way or another, see pistols, a gun in films, read books about it, and it is impossible to hush up this topic, build bans, even more interest may appear.

How to choose?

If used correctly toy weapon, it can even become educational fun. «Folding bow» with a laser sight trains dexterity, accuracy, gross motor skills, introduces

spatial thinking.

  • Completely safe, arrows on suction cups.
  • There is a regular sight and a laser sight that rotates 360 degrees.
  • The string is pulled like a real crossbow.

A battery operated toy machine with light and sound is a great opportunity to please any boy. It is safe and made of high quality plastic.

  • Glows brightly.
  • Has sound effects.
  • There is an imitation of recoil (vibrates).
  • It does not shoot bullets, so it is suitable even for kids.

Not a single game of war or secret spies can do without such toy weapons. For older children, the gun will teach tricks, tactics and strategy.

How to use weapons to your advantage?

In addition to the obvious advantages of toy weapons in terms of physical development, skills, logic, one can also name a positive effect on the psyche. An assault rifle, a pistol can be used to work out fears, for example, getting rid of nightmares. Together with the parent, the child shoots imaginary monsters, calms down, copes with his feelings. Also, parents should watch the child in the process of playing with weapons. If the kid likes to offend someone on purpose, arrange fights or bullying, this is not a good indicator. The aggression of the child cannot be ignored, it is necessary to work it out in reasonable ways.In addition, mom and dad should immediately mark the boundaries: you can’t shoot at people and animals, but you can and should shoot at a target. Boys and girls love to play role-playing games, where there are good and bad, insiders and outsiders. And toy weapons in such a process are a useful entertainment attribute.


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