Step-by-step instructions: how to use a nursing cape


Of all the types of breastfeeding capes, the apron cape is considered the simplest and most comfortable. Mum’s Era Capes They are made of thin cotton fabric, so they are also light, breathable, take up little space in the bag and weigh about the same as a sandwich. All this makes them the perfect accessory for a nursing mother. Wherever you are with your baby, with the help of a cape, you can always “seclude yourself” in order to calmly breastfeed him and not feel discomfort due to prying eyes. A flexible bone is also sewn into the upper edge of the cape — it forms a special «window», so during feeding you will clearly see the baby. The cape is worn in the manner of an apron — the upper strap is simply thrown around the mother’s neck. Before first use, adjust the length of the strap so that the top edge of the cape is at the right height for you. It is enough to do it only once.

Lay down cape for feeding into your bag and take your baby anywhere. At the right time, you will quickly put it on when the baby calls for food — it will take about 4 seconds (we spotted!).

Let your breastfeeding be comfortable. Choose your nursing cape here.


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