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Often the cause of problems with starting a computer is a malfunction of the power supply. How to identify and prevent failure of this important component and choose a new device.

How to determine that it is time to change the power supply

Many PC users face problems when starting it. The reason often becomes a faulty power supply for the computer, which is responsible for providing voltage to all components in the system unit, therefore, if it is difficult to turn on, one of the first things to check is this element, and if the diagnostics confirm suspicions, the device needs to be changed.

Symptoms that indicate a malfunctioning PC power supply

The breakdown of this element is usually preceded by characteristic symptoms:

  • reboots and freezes (usually occur suddenly during operation);
  • difficulties with turning on the PC;
  • non-working cooler (not spinning);
  • PC turns on but turns off after a few seconds;
  • an increase in temperature in the converter itself or in the computer case;
  • random shutdown of the PC that occurs at any time.

With the final failure of the converter, the computer will become inoperable. But the problem is easily solved, it is enough to buy and install a new element.

Criteria for choosing a power supply

Power supplies often fail, especially if the PC has been in operation for a long time. But breakdowns can also be explained by the low quality of the device, power surges (in the absence of protection), etc.

You cannot install the first converter that comes across in a PC, all components must be compatible with each other, and the device responsible for powering the computer is no exception.

Here are the main criteria:

  • Form factor — choose the element of the right size so that it fits the system unit.
  • Connectors for connecting accessories.
  • Type of cooling system.
  • Power — the range is wide, an ordinary home PC (used for everyday tasks) is enough for 300-400 W, the same minimum is applicable for office computers (in this case you should not overpay, you can buy a simple device). Gaming machines are more demanding — 500-700 W, but for advanced configurations with a powerful video card (or several), power supplies from 800 W are needed.

If you do not want to delve into the intricacies of choice, consult with the seller of the store.

Stock up on power

It is this parameter that determines the load that the device can power. It is recommended to take power with a margin so as not to force the PC to work at its limit, in addition, you may simply not take into account individual boot parameters. If the element constantly works at maximum, this will negatively affect its service life — it will fail faster.

Choose quality components to go longer without repairs.


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