How to choose the right SSD so as not to get into a mess


A special SSD drive will help you avoid losing important data on your computer or laptop. It allows you to store copies of documents, projects, photos and video files. A good drive is characterized by small dimensions and mobility. Of the additional advantages — high speed of reading and further processing of stored information. How to choose the right SSD — https://alser.kz/c/ssd — we will analyze together with the experts of the ALSER online store.

Parameter 1 — memory size

In the realities of our time, the optimal amount for an SSD drive is considered to be from 250 to 500 GB. Less is undesirable, since the popular Windows 10 every year needs more and more space for its needs. For example, the system alone takes up 150 GB. And if you take into account the space for system debris, then this indicator is enough for standard work.

Memory type

99% of SSDs use three main types of memory:

  • MLC — the most common option. In comparison with analogues, it has a high recording resource. A drive with such memory will last an average of 8-10 years of operation. However, it will also be the most expensive of all on the market.

  • QLC — a relatively new type of memory (appeared on the market a couple of years ago). It reduces the cost of the drive, while its recording resource will also be lower than that of the options with MLC and TLC.

  • TLC — this type of memory was developed to replace the MLC, the most affordable analogue. The density of data storage in it has increased.


All SSDs are measured in megabytes per second. Therefore, the higher this digital value, the faster the device works. As a rule, the manufacturer on the case indicates two values ​​- the speed of writing data and the speed of reading them. Both options are important because they are used in everyday tasks — downloading files, reading them, copying them, and so on.

Form factor plus connectivity

There are three types of storage devices:

  • SATA3 (6Gb/s). It is considered the most popular, has a form factor of 2.5.

  • M.2. Not all motherboards have a corresponding connector for them. Before buying such an SSD drive, you should look into the specifications of your computer.

  • PCI-E. This is the most convenient and fastest connection interface to date. But for ordinary use, it has a fairly high write and read speed. Therefore, it is recommended for solving professional computer problems. This explains its high cost.

Where to Buy a Good SSD

The ALSER online store is a large selection of drives for your needs. The company’s experts provide professional advice and help you choose the best equipment.

The assortment of goods is constantly updated, promotions and discounts are regularly available. Buying online, you save time and money.


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