How to choose beveled eyebrow brushes?


Synthetic beveled brushes are used by thousands of girls to create flawlessly shaped eyebrows! The beveled shape and density of the pile allows you to give the product quality, not only when coloring eyebrows with paint and hennoy, but also when working with sweets and loose products!

All of our products are rigorously inspected to ensure our customers get the perfect beveled brushes that make it easy to create the most incredible looks!

For a make-up of eyebrows, you should choose a flat, beveled brush with a tightly packed pile.

The store has a set with two sizes of brushes: a large brush will help you quickly fill the eyebrow with the product, a small one will allow you to accurately walk along the contour of the eyebrow, preventing the product from falling outside the sketch.

Before you cover the eyebrows with pigment, they should be put in order, you will need a brush, in the «Eyebrow Tinting Kit», brush in a tube goes as a gift!

In the shop WIDE EYEBROW presents the most current sets of beveled brushes at a nice price, which are in great demand, take advantage of promotional offers!


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