How to choose an inexpensive and high-quality knitted suit for a child?


Do you know that children’s clothing is a great helper in raising a child?
It helps to develop taste, character and even bring up individuality in the baby, and for children from 1 to 2 years old, clothes can also act as toys.
Dressing, undressing and fiddling with it, the child develops, acquires new skills, abilities and his own sense of style!

Have you ever had a child say categorically that he would not wear this red blouse, but that he wanted that green T-shirt?
This is how he shows his first preferences in choosing a wardrobe, usually this period begins from 3 to 4 years.

At this age, in order to avoid such a situation, it is better to first ask the baby what he would like to go to.
The main thing is to remember that children’s clothing should be, first of all, comfortable and practical.
For example, such as the new collection of costumes from the Babycollection brand.

Suits without insulation are made of high-quality material — a two-thread footer with cotton fleece, combined with knitwear and lycra, which allows the child to feel comfortable and does not restrict his movements.

Separately, we note the line of products for boys with funny drawings of dinosaurs, monsters and cars. Here, each kid will be able to make his choice, taking into account precisely his preferences.

The size grid is presented from 3 years old -32 size (92-98cm) and up to 8 years — 42 size (122-128cm).

And finally, a few tips for caring parents when buying the perfect children’s costume:
— Choose things that grow a little, even if your budget allows you to update the children’s wardrobe every season. Everyone knows that a blouse that you like very much may not stretch to the desired size, and this threatens to make it difficult to move in it.
— The comfort of the pants you choose is largely determined by the freedom of movement, not only when walking, but also when doing squats.
— The belt of trousers should not press at the waist. It is best that it be planted on an elastic band and its length is regulated.

— «All the best — to children!». Therefore, it is important to choose with trepidation and great attention what you will dress your child in tomorrow!

Happy shopping!


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