How to choose a quality overall for dogs?


The choice of overalls for our pets must also be correct. Not only the comfort of the pet, but also its protection from the weather depends on how well the winter overalls for dogs are chosen. The jumpsuit is not in size, is not able to fully cope with the obligations assigned to it. Therefore, before buying winter clothes for dogs, it is worth considering some criteria for choosing it.

Overalls size

To ensure maximum comfort when worn by a pet, the overalls should sit on the body of the dog. It should not be baggy and, at the same time, should not hinder movement. A small jumpsuit will cause allergic reactions in the pet in the form of irritation and severe itching in the abdomen, even if the clothing fabric is of the highest quality. If you choose a looser jumpsuit, then the dog will cling to it during walks and, it is possible that he will simply lose it, fall out of it.

It is also worth considering the length of the legs, which should end at the pasterns of the dog’s paws. At the same time, their elastic bands should not be excessively tight, which makes it easier to comb the paws after wearing the overalls. If the jumpsuit in the area of ​​​​the paws and the neck is excessively narrow, it can simply tear or rub the skin of the pet, thereby causing discomfort.

Production material

The quality fabric used in the tailoring of dog overalls directly affects the period of wear. Only a good winter overall for dogs can last a long time, not lose its appearance even with frequent use. Bad material contributes to the loss of not only external properties in the form of deformation and loss of color, but can also cause allergic reactions in a pet, negatively affect its coat.

When choosing a warm overalls or raincoat, pay attention to the strength and density of the fabric. It should also be as flexible as possible, should not let moisture through. Do a material test yourself to determine its quality. When compressed, the product should not form rough folds or cracks. When stretched, the fabric should remain elastic. If water gets in, there should be no wet marks left.

In order to preserve the quality of the pet’s coat for a long time, it is important to choose clothes so that the lining of the overalls for long-haired dogs is made of satin fabrics, and for smooth-haired dogs it is made of fleece.

tailoring quality

All seams in the overalls should be equally even, complete, there should be no protruding threads.

We bring to your attention:

Beautiful winter overalls for dogs «Comet Tail»

Choose overalls not only for functionality, but also for external properties. Bright models can not only create a stylish image, but also cheer up the pet and the owner. At the same time, this product will remain no less practical, effectively protecting the pet from the cold. Made from nylon and polar fleece for maximum comfort. The overalls will not get wet. And thanks to a neat hood and a cutout on the pet’s tummy, it is as comfortable as possible.

Thanks to the fastening buttons used, the winter overall for dogs is as easy to put on as possible. You don’t have to torment your pet with grueling delays. Such a jumpsuit will definitely not get wet even in the rain, protecting your pet from bad weather.

The lining of the overalls for dogs of small breeds is made of polar fleece. Your pet will feel comfortable in it. Soft to the touch overalls are pleasant to the body of the dog, will not cause allergic reactions.

The bright design of the model allows the pet to look stylish. And the practicality and durability of the model allow you to maintain the properties of winter overalls for dogs of small breeds throughout the entire service life.

product link https://www.wildberries.ru/catalog/10224202/detail.aspx?targetUrl=SP

Winter overall with hood and faux fur «Boston», with leash ring, max. size 2XL

This model is designed for those who want to create the most vivid and expressive image for their pet, while providing comfort while wearing it. Comfortable and practical winter overalls for dogs will create convenience and comfort for your pet while wearing.

With plush fur lining, polyester upper and hood, your pet will be protected from bad weather. You can not be afraid of blowing and getting wet, walking your pet with pleasure at any time of the year. And for ease of use, the hood has an additional fixation. The cuffs of the product also protect the paws of the dog from getting snow inside.

For easy putting on and walking, the overalls for the winter for dogs are complemented by buttons and a universal cutout on the stomach. This is the ideal solution for those who appreciate the combination of appearance and practicality.

product link https://www.wildberries.ru/catalog/10224235/detail.aspx?targetUrl=SP

Winter vest for dogs «Moonlight» with detachable hood and cotton lining

A warm vest will be an excellent winter clothing for dogs, allowing the pet to be protected from bad weather and aggressive natural manifestations. Pearl fabric with snow-white natural fur trim gives the product a special flavor, creating a unique look for the dog. your pet will definitely not be left without attention.

To ensure thermal protection and comfort, the product is complemented by a convenient hood with fixation, which also allows you to protect your dog’s ears during walks. This is quite a stylish and comfortable winter vest for dogs of small breeds, made of high quality fabrics. Polyester — prevents the ingress of moisture, providing thermal protection. Cotton — contributes to the health of the pet, protecting its coat and skin.

Versatile fit and design make the dog winter jacket suitable for boys and girls. Your pet in it will always look bright, while remaining protected from the weather.

product link https://www.wildberries.ru/catalog/10224219/detail.aspx?targetUrl=SP


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