How to choose a quality ball pump?


When you need to prepare a decoration for a holiday, the question immediately arises in your head — will we decorate the decor with balls or not? In most cases, the answer is yes. But then doubts arise: «But how are we going to inflate these balloons? We will need several hours and a couple of people for 100 balloons. We will definitely spend all our energy on them!»

And here there is a great help in the form of a balloon pump, which will save time and effort on decorating the holiday with balloons.

The question immediately arises: how to choose a quality ball pump?

Consider the types:

1. Manual ball pump. An important advantage: the pump is two-way. Inflates balloons while moving in both directions. This is how we save time and energy. The hand pump is convenient because it is lightweight and compact. You can take it on any trip: to nature, to the sea, to a country house. It does not depend on electricity, which means that it will always work. Regardless of place and time. Even in a field where there is absolutely nothing.

Even children can inflate balloons on their own with a hand pump.

It is also important to pay attention to the nozzle: a pump with a sharp nozzle is suitable for inflating both foil balloons and latex round balloons, hearts and modeling balloons.

Hand pumps are the cheapest solution if you plan to prepare the holiday yourself. Safe for children.

We get the criteria for a quality hand pump: two-way, light and compact, small size, sharp nozzle, suitable for children.

2, Air balloon compressor.

Balloon compressors with a soft-pressure valve are designed to inflate round latex balloons. A great option for home use, as well as for holidays and parties. This compressor will become an indispensable assistant in the preparation of designs of various formats. The compressor has 2 operating modes: continuous and pulse. Technical data: voltage 220-240 V, power 600 W.

The compressor, in turn, is suitable for decorating parties at home or away. Requires an outlet to connect to electricity.

We get the criteria for a quality compressor for balloons: good voltage 220-240 V, power 600 W., 2 operating modes.

Choose a ball pump for your needs. But the main thing — any of the pumps will save your time and speed up the decoration with balloons! Now you can enjoy decorating with balloons!


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