How to choose a camera for amateur photography? — Rating 2022


Quality pictures will always be appreciated, even if you are not a professional photographer. Portraits, family photos, shots of travel or important events — all this has a special meaning. However, the first step is to get a quality camera. What are the most common options?


One of the easiest decisions is to buy a phone with a good camera. To make the final image look presentable, you can use special tools that will help you make color correction, enlarge photocrop, change background, etc.

This option has many advantages:

  • compactness;
  • the presence of the camera is always at hand;
  • fast processing capability.

However, a device with good parameters will be quite expensive. Another disadvantage is that smartphones can run out of battery quickly. Additionally, you should check the quality of shooting in different conditions, for example, at night.

compact camera

The so-called «soap box» captivates with its compactness, but the quality of the pictures will be lower than in the case of a semi-professional camera. However, there are plenty of decent options on the market right now.

Also in this category there are professional compact cameras with a relatively large matrix and good zoom. These characteristics allow you to choose this technique for travel.

SLR camera

Even if you are not planning a career as a professional photographer, sometimes it makes sense to buy a SLR camera. It will allow you to change lenses and adjust in more detail to the shooting conditions. However, the relatively high price and impressive dimensions are two reasons to think about whether you really need such a technique.

Thus, when choosing a camera for amateur photography, it is important to focus on your own wishes and capabilities. For example, if you often take pictures while traveling, taking a heavy camera with you is not a good idea.


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