How to be at the peak of fashion: a chain with rhinestones will add a bright accent


Chains and rhinestones look great on their own. And if you combine them, you get an absolutely amazing decoration. It was once believed that chains were only suitable for wearing around the neck, and rhinestone chains were such a decoration for stage costumes. But women’s wardrobe is a place where revolutions take place.

Rhinestone barrettes are a great way to make your hair stand out without having to spend three hours crafting your hair into mind-blowing designs. You can attach it even to a ponytail, and still be the most visible and brightest!

A hair clip with rhinestones looks great on loose hair, on long and medium curls. The length of this chain is almost perfect, 30 centimeters.

The set includes two hairpins with stones of the same color. For everyday use, this is quite enough, and if you set out to outshine everyone at the party, you should buy a couple of these sets, at least. And then you can make yourself exclusive hairstyles without leaving your home.

With the help of hairpins with rhinestones, you can embody your hairdressing fantasies, making at first glance simple, but very stylish hairstyles. The hairpin is attached to the hair with an invisibility, and it will look almost “seamless”, like part of the strand. The chain is flexible and durable, the clip is strong, will not fall out in the midst of a dance at a party; the main thing is not to try to grab a strand that is too thick.

Black invisible is easy to replace if it does not fit the hair or a different color is desired to create an image.

The pebbles are firmly held in their caps, without the risk of jumping out, unless, of course, you set out to take them out. Rhinestones are of high quality, look beautiful, shimmer and in general the product looks very impressive.

Another plus of these hairpins is their versatility. The alternation of several bright stripes is suitable for decorating a youth hairstyle, and a rhinestone chain with light stones will look appropriate and elegant in the hair of a completely adult woman.

A hairpin in the form of a rhinestone chain is an accessory that you want to have in your personal and undivided use. And it’s also an extremely good gift idea for a girl, especially when the thought is spinning in my head: “I don’t know what to give, she has everything!”

When doing a hairstyle, it is important to remember that the chain should not be braided with hair, otherwise it will take a long time to unravel them. Even if you decorate braids with such a hairpin, make sure that the chain runs parallel to large strands, and does not get tangled in the hair.


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