How to apply face serums


Our skin constantly needs optimal levels of moisture, nourishment, oxygenation and protection.
The condition of the skin depends on how much you know how to properly care for your face.

It is important to take care of your face regularly.

  • regular hygiene and cleansing;
  • you can not leave cosmetics at night, it is important to properly remove make-up;
  • nutrition — the condition of the skin depends on the diet, the use of fast foods, «harmful» carbohydrates does not add health;
  • hydration — maintaining water balance plays an important role for the skin;
  • Protection — Excessive tanning in the sun and in the solarium leads to photoaging, so it is important to use a protective cream.

Care depends not only on the condition of the skin, but also on age. Each period of the life cycle has its own characteristics.

VANLAB face serums are a concentrated cocktail of beneficial elements

It is better to use them in a course, with periodic repetition.
Most often, serums are used to combat the most important problem, so when choosing which one to take, start from this.

Serums have cumulative properties!

For example, a universal anti-aging facial serum with collagen and stem cells, promotes deep skin hydration, evens out complexion, gives elasticity and radiance. Strengthens and restores elasticity.

Upon request, you can create ANY serum that solves exactly your problem.


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