Help in quarantine: how to get state support for families with children?


In the conditions of self-isolation due to the coronavirus, many parents are wondering: are they entitled to any payments and other support from the state? After all, schools and kindergartens are temporarily closed, parents have to stay at home with their children, sometimes without any means of subsistence.

It turns out that the state has indeed developed several programs to help parents in connection with an unfavorable situation. We list them all!

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Payments to families with children under 3 years old

Families with children under three years of age will be able to receive additional payments in the amount of 5,000 rubles for the maintenance of children for three months. True, some conditions must be met. In particular, children must have citizenship of the Russian Federation, and parents must have the right to receive maternity capital (even if they have already spent it).

Considering that since the beginning of 2020, maternity capital has also been paid for first-born children, this additional payment is due to families where children were born or adopted from January 1 of this year. The promised amount can be received until October 1, 2020.

How to get a: the accrual procedure and the format for receiving additional benefits will be developed one of these days. However, it is already known that the Pension Fund will carry out the decree of the President. Most likely, the accrual will take place automatically, according to data from the registry office.

Payments to families with children from 3 to 7 years old

In accordance with the decrees of higher authorities, families with babies aged 3 to 7 years are entitled to payments. Parents will receive them from June 1. However, the amount of social assistance will depend on the region in which the family lives. In addition, families that prove their low-income status will be able to receive the payment. This means that for each household there should be an amount several times less than the subsistence level. The money will be paid for a whole year, after which you will need to confirm your status with a certificate of income.

How to get a: at the stage of project formation, it was planned to entrust the work of issuing such benefits to social protection authorities. But due to the serious epidemiological situation, the authorities plan to make the filing of applications electronic. Income information will be checked by a separate regulatory body. Otherwise, the regulatory framework on the conditions for calculating and issuing this allowance is still being developed by the regions.

Benefits for families with children under 16

On May 11, the Russian government approved additional payments for children proposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to the decree, signed and.about. Prime Minister Andrei Belousov, from June 1, Russians with children aged three to 16 will be able to receive a one-time payment of 10,000 rubles for each child.

How to get a: submit an application on the website of the State Services

Increased sick pay

The President also announced an increase in sick leave payments. Starting from April 1, the amount of sick leave will be at least 12,130 rubles per month, that is, not less than the minimum wage. At the same time, the employee’s experience will not affect the amount in any way. This also applies to temporary disability certificates due to self-isolation (if the parent or the whole family has recently returned from abroad), and in connection with the illness of the child, and in case of other reasons.

How to get a: Increased payments are calculated automatically from April 1 in the usual way. However, when applying for a sick leave certificate due to self-isolation after returning from abroad, parents do not need to go to the hospital, but apply for sick leave in electronic format (Government Services), attaching tickets or other proof of departure.

grocery sets

In many regions of the country, another type of support for families with children has been introduced — a food package. Each region determines what it includes. As a rule, such a set includes cereals, dairy products, vegetables, canned food, juices, and confectionery. They are calculated for 12 days.

There is only one minus: only those children whose families have already confirmed their benefits for free meals with the relevant authorities can receive a food package.

How to get a: To receive a food package, parents should contact the school with the appropriate application.

Mortgage holidays

Banks provide mortgage holidays for families with mortgages. This measure applies to cases where, due to the coronavirus situation, a particular family has lost more than 30% of their income. It should also be remembered that mortgage holidays do not mean the complete cancellation of payments or their zeroing. Temporarily slows down only the accrual of penalties and the payment of fines for delays.

How to get a: in order to receive a mortgage holiday, you will need to officially confirm the decrease in your own income. To do this, the bank must provide either a certificate of income, or a sheet of temporary disability, or a document confirming the title of unemployed (for example, when registering at the labor exchange).

Extension of benefits and benefits

Good news for the categories of citizens related to beneficiaries. All benefits and benefits are extended for a period of six months. This means that people do not need to collect new documents in order to renew and confirm their status.

These benefits include various subsidies for utility bills, child benefits, and others. This applies to the following categories: low-income families, single mothers, families with disabled children, families with many children.

How to get a: the extension of benefits and benefits occurred automatically, without the need to contact the appropriate authorities.


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