Advantages of Epson projectors — Ranking 2022


Epson produces a wide range of projection equipment, in the brightness range from 5,000 to 25,000 lumens. Epson projectors can be used as part of a home theater, for installations in public institutions, theater halls, museums. The main thing is to choose the right equipment.

Distinctive features of Epson projectors

The company owns the largest projection equipment factory and ranks first in the world in terms of sales. The high level of reliability of projectors is confirmed by such achievements:

  • 25 years of research;
  • use of high efficiency filters;
  • a wide network of service centers.

All projectors are equipped with branded E-TORL lamps, which provide low maintenance costs and high energy efficiency.

The main advantage of Epson projection equipment is the use of three matrix technology. A high level of brightness without dips, the possibility of using equipment in dark rooms is provided by the technology of three matrices. In addition, Epson projectors with 3-chip technology are sold at a lower price than competitors’ products.

Another clear advantage of Epson projectors is the ability to seamlessly connect multiple projections. The use of this technology greatly simplifies the operation of projectors, as it can be easily mastered by the system administrator. Eliminates the need to involve external specialists who have special skills. Such projectors are especially relevant in theaters where it is necessary to adjust the image for different productions.

Popular Epson Projector Models

For installations in museums, theaters, large halls, the Epson EB-PU1008B model is the best choice. Compact and lightweight, this projector delivers bright, true-to-life images in a variety of environments. The model projects an image with a brightness of 8500 lumens, WUXGA resolution and support for 4K Enhancement. With this projector, you can get a bright image with pure whites and deep blacks, with detail in bright and dark frames.

The following features will help you create large-scale installations:

  • automatic image stitching of multiple projectors;
  • wide range of lens shift;
  • image geometry correction;
  • edge blending function.

The Epson Projector Professional Tool greatly simplifies the remote installation and configuration of projectors. Using the optional Epson ELPEC01 External Camera automates the color calibration process.

Epson EB-E01 is a model that is great for home theater. Equipped with three LCD-matrix, the projector creates a color image with high levels of brightness, color and white. Large settings options, image geometry correction, zoom, lens shift allow you to install the projector as accurately as possible.

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