Magic siding: how easy it is to insulate a country house


With the advent of autumn, many people are thinking about the issue of warming their country house. Solving this problem will make life more comfortable, reduce heating costs, and also protect the building from rain, wind and snow.

There is a huge selection of materials, for example, you can finish the facade of the cottage with tiles. However, this is an expensive and rather troublesome way of warming. It is much faster and cheaper to sheathe a house with siding. But which one to choose, PVC or metal? This question was answered by «The most useful program».

The technology of building cladding using siding came to Russia in the 90s and immediately became popular with the population. The reasons for using such materials for insulation are very different. For example, they do not require painting during operation, there is a huge range of panels in color and texture, they are installed quite quickly, and the end result often looks very attractive.

Which PVC siding is better to choose

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This type of siding is lightweight, which simplifies its installation on the facade of the house, and quite a nice price. Panels can be acrylic or vinyl. The first type is more resistant to UV, so it does not fade in the sun. However, warming the cottage with it will be more costly.

Vinyl can fade over time. If you want to save money when building or renovating a house, then you should pay attention to vinyl siding in pale pastel colors.

Cutting PVC panels is very easy. This does not require any special tools. Even an ordinary clerical knife will cope with this task.

Installation of this type of siding is best done before the first frost, because at sub-zero temperatures the material becomes brittle.

Features of metal siding

Metal panels are heavier, but they are allowed to be mounted at any time of the year. You can choose different colors and textures, as well as order a panel of the required size. So you don’t have to cut.

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Metal siding is more expensive than PVC. At the same time, their service life is approximately the same.

The key advantage of metal siding over PVC

When insulating a country house, you need to think about safety. Plastic siding has a flammability class G2, that is, it does not support combustion, and metal siding has NG. This means that it does not burn, so it will serve as an excellent barrier between the source of ignition and your building.


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