Get off the radar: is it possible to deceive traffic police cameras using special devices


An accident, a car breakdown and a fine for violating traffic rules — these three things can spoil the mood of any motorist. Most often, drivers have to pay for exceeding the speed limit. «Most Helpful Program» tested the effectiveness of the most popular ways to avoid punishment.

What devices for deceiving traffic police cameras exist

For those who like to exceed the speed, they came up with special gadgets. And if you believe the advertisement, they create interference and do not allow traffic police cameras to register violations. And even despite the illegality of such experiments, some car owners decide to take a chance.

The most popular devices for «slowing down» are:

  1. special «silencers»that are installed in the cigarette lighter. Such devices cost from five hundred to five thousand rubles. According to the manufacturers, after installation and connection, the device begins to interfere with radars and cameras;
  2. special nanofilm to the license plate. As the creators promise, if you stick at least two digits with it, then the number will become unreadable in the pictures of the traffic police.

The second method is more difficult and takes quite a lot of time. In order to stick a film, you need:

  • remove the number from the car;
  • degrease it and wash it;
  • carefully stick the numbers on the soap solution.

After the film is pasted, it is clear that the numbers covered by it look newer and smoother, but from a distance the difference is not very noticeable.

Do devices for deceiving traffic police cameras work

After installing the jammer, it is not immediately clear whether it works or not. The only thing that becomes clear from the first minutes is that it is impossible to use this gadget and the navigator at the same time, since the GPS signal is constantly lost and it is impossible to set the route.

This is due to the fact that the «jammers» operate at certain frequencies and suppress the signals. In theory, they could also affect the operation of systems for fixing violations, but modern equipment determines the speed and location of the car even half a kilometer before the traffic police camera, while the range of the device is no more than 15 meters. That is, a special device works only inside the car, and no radiation occurs outside. And as a result — a traffic police fine of one and a half thousand rubles.

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Speaking of nanofilm, sellers claim that reflective particles glare when shooting with a flash and create white highlights in photographs that make it difficult to fix the car number. But all this requires verification.

If you take a picture of the license plate on a smartphone camera with a flash, you can see that the numbers are overexposed in the pictures, but their contours are clearly distinguishable. Of course, one would think that this is due to the proximity to the subject, but this is not the case. When checking on the roads, it became clear that the cameras were able to recognize the car. And again, the traffic police sent a «letter of happiness» with a fine of one and a half thousand rubles.

The fact is that modern cameras work during the day without flashes. This function is activated only at night, that is, the nanofilm can work, but under certain conditions and at certain times of the day. Also, the traffic police cameras recognize not only the brand of the car, but also its color, so it is not difficult to find violators even behind a partially hidden number.

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It is worth saying that the use of such films and jammers is prohibited by law. If the inspector notices, you will have to answer. The penalty for violation may be a fine of five thousand rubles, or you will have to say goodbye to your rights for three months.

So, the only way to avoid problems with the traffic police is to follow the rules.


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