How to eat right in the fall and support the body with vitamins


Autumn time dictates certain rules of health care. During this period, a person has many ways to protect his immunity, however, there are also more sources of risk for the body.

Endocrinologist and nutritionist Tatyana Filippova told 5-tv.ru how to approach the formation of your diet in the fall.

With the end of summer, people need to make certain adjustments to their usual diet in order to protect themselves. At this time of the year, there are still plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables that promote health. This situation must be taken advantage of, including in your diet the maximum possible amount of vitamins and other useful trace elements.

“In autumn there are no less seasonal vegetables, fruits and berries than in summer. Therefore, you need to try to eat seasonal products during this period, ” Filippova advised.

The importance of proper nutrition at this time of the year is associated with the gradual deterioration of the weather: it becomes colder, more rain and sleet, fewer sunny days. These factors increase the risk of various viral and infectious diseases, such as SARS, in the fall. In addition, after autumn, winter will come, when the weather will become even worse, and healthy foods will no longer be available in such abundance.

“You need to ensure that the diet is as balanced as possible, so that it contains foods that are rich in vitamins. In particular, these are just the very seasonal products that ripen during this particular period of time.the expert advises.

A balanced diet means a well-composed and varied diet. It should include not only vegetables, fruits and berries in sufficient quantities, but also dairy and sour-milk products, soups, whole grains and a limited amount of fatty foods.

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If in doubt about the specific needs of the body, then you can contact the specialists. Appropriate tests will reveal a deficiency of any important micronutrients. In this case, it will be possible to more individually approach the issue of compiling the right diet.

An excellent solution for any time of the year is the observance of the diet. You need to eat fractionally, five to six times a day. This usually includes three full meals and two snacks.

Also, do not forget about physical activity. It is important not to let the autumn blues break you down and move more. Regular daily walks around the city will also add points to your health.


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