How to choose a brush for effective dry massage

The right brush, a little time for yourself, regularity and a little patience — then the effect of drybrushing (anti-cellulite dry massage with a brush) will not be long in coming! Let’s start with the most important. A few tips on how to choose the right brush for anti-cellulite dry massage: The brush should consist […]

Lymphatic drainage brush for dry massage from cactus

Until the period of huge discounts is over, we share with you a link to a cool product that is worth giving to yourself and your friend. -40% discount on SANDRA dry massage brush 🌿 Massage with such a brush tightens the skin and makes it more elastic, improves blood flow, relieves puffiness, invigorates, evens […]

Top 6 Powerful Tips for Better Performance

The nervous system requires the most energy to function. After all, it supports every action of the body. Stress and other factors deplete it, so support is needed — vitamin D3 and glycine. How to increase efficiency and do more: simple and effective tips. Due to the lack of energy, it is impossible to lead […]

Breastfeeding difficulties: how to deal with them?

The close bond that linked the baby and mother even before birth continues after birth. The beginning of breastfeeding is the very embodiment of maternal love and care. It brings a lot of joy and pleasure to mom and baby. But sometimes difficulties arise, most of which can be successfully overcome. Nipple problems Sometimes, at […]

Reading books as a basis for self-development. Are all books equally useful?

BackForward Self-development has now reached a new level. After a huge number of bestsellers from the «Help Yourself» series, a new era of «infogypsies» has come, who promise to help us, as if we can no longer help ourselves! But let’s figure it out, in order .. Why do we suddenly need help? in fact, […]

Children’s fears — how to help a child?

The first thing a baby encounters at birth is the world around it. Starting to contact with him, the baby experiences a variety of emotions and feelings, both positive and negative. Including fear. Fear is a very important feeling for a person, because it is thanks to him that we avoid dangers, but it also […]

Children’s dishes: how to choose?

In short, children’s dishes should be safe and interesting. But let’s start with the fact that the child should have his own set of dishes, regardless of age. About small children, everything is more or less clear. In the first months, the child manages with a nipple and a bottle, which are then replaced by […]

Everyone reads: how to choose an e-book for a student

Today, you won’t surprise anyone with an e-book, but you can surprise with a good gadget to make reading more convenient! We figure out what to look for when choosing inexpensive, but at the same time good e-books that can become true friends of your student. And who knows, maybe you will get such a […]

How to choose an educational book for a child?

Children love to be distracted from toys and explore the objects around them: flipping pages in a book, drawing scribbles with felt-tip pens or biting off buttons on the remote control. Different textures, pictures and shapes attract the attention of the child, and he studies the object he likes in accessible ways. The kid strikes […]

«Take care of yourself like a Pro» — professional hair care from LLB Brand.

«LLB brand is not just a brand of cosmetics, it is a story about love for all women and for ourselves, because we use absolutely all the products ourselves» The LLB brand series of products does not eliminate the symptoms — it restores damaged hair from the inside. This treatment was developed by Russian hair […]