How to choose a carrier for air travel with an animal in the cabin?

Four main rules before you go on a trip with your pet 1. Study the requirements for the transportation of animals indicated on the website of the airline with which you are scheduled to fly. If you have any questions, call the hotline of the air carrier. 2. “Ears, paws and tail” are not documents […]

How to choose the right pet carrier?

With the advent of a trend towards a healthy and active lifestyle, it is increasingly possible to meet pets on vacation who are happy to accompany their owners. How to understand all the variety of accessories for animals and choose the right ones? In this article, we will tell you how to choose the right […]

How to put together the perfect look? 5 important rules

In this article, we will talk about important rules that will help you create the perfect, and most importantly, comfortable image that will be in harmony with your lifestyle. The photo shows a SHOESLEL shoe model, art. 61504138 Tip #1 Find your inner self and boldly act as you see fit. Experiment until you find […]

What shoes are right for you? Choosing the perfect couple

The right shoes are the key to a good day and good mood. Since in comfortable shoes we feel confident, as if they were an extension of our legs. Such a great couple, unfortunately, is rare. We experiment with all sorts of options, rushing from one extreme to another, wearing sneakers, then high-heeled shoes. What […]

How to restore an old Velcro in 3 minutes — video life hack

Velcro on shoes is just one of a dozen examples. A similar mount is installed on bags and backpacks. And also on jackets, overalls, pants and even hats. Do not forget about collars for dogs — here it is also often used, in the case when the owners choose not a standard buckle as a […]

How to organize a workplace so that your neck and back do not get tired when working at a laptop?

In the 21st century, we are closely and firmly connected with different technologies. We spend most of our time on the laptop. But it is important that it be without harm to health. We conducted a survey that showed: 80% of respondents prefer a laptop to a computer. This is expected! Laptops are now in […]

How to choose a posture-safe school backpack?

We, the Vitebsk firm Polikom, have been producing school backpacks in Belarus for more than 15 years, focusing on the needs of children and their parents. During this time, we managed to develop the ideal formula: to create a backpack that is comfortable, durable and safe for posture. Thus, the main features of our backpacks […]

Children’s fleece suits: How to choose the best model and what to look for.

BackForward fleece suit — a very relevant wardrobe item, which is popular not only with adults, but also with children. It is characterized by amazing practicality and convenience, and also reliably protects from the cold. In English, fleece means «sheep’s wool». Today, this fabric is made from polyester. This material has a number of features […]

How to choose a men’s leather backpack

A leather backpack is the basis of a casual male look. In the fast-paced city life, roomy leather backpacks are simply irreplaceable. From the material of this article you will learn what they are, what are the pros and cons, as well as the features of the choice. Advantages and disadvantages Men’s leather backpacks have […]