What types of hairpins are there?


Hair clips are relevant among girls who love to create different hairstyles. These accessories are very practical and convenient, but not everyone knows that they first appeared in ancient times. Cavemen stabbed their hair with bones or sticks. In the modern world of hairpins for girls, there are hundreds, which we want to tell you about in this article.


Modern hairpins are the result of the work of designers who tirelessly translate new ideas into reality. The main task of such accessories is to fix the hair so that it does not interfere and create unique hairstyles.

However, it is worth remembering about decorative hairpins. Their task is to create a more sophisticated look. So, by adding flowers or pearls, the girl will look more attractive and mysterious.


This is a thin hairpin that fixes delicate strands. In everyday life, mothers of young princesses prefer to choose models without jewelry, for celebrations or other holidays it is recommended to choose jewelry with rhinestones

Clips (crocodile clips)

A simple hairpin, which is connected by a spring. With one easy movement, they fix the hair in the hairstyle and do not tighten it, which does not lead to discomfort.


Historical hair clips, as it is considered the first «clip» to fix the «hair». Now, as in ancient times, it is an elegant decoration that emphasizes the sophistication of every beauty.

click clack

This is a double-sided hair clip with concave arcs. There are both inconspicuous models and more festive ones. Popular with girls of all ages. The main thing is that the length of the hair allows you to easily stab the strands without ruining the hairstyle.


Luminous hair clips are a favorite among young girls. But, in fact, these are simple hairpins from different categories that have LEDs built into them. At night, they begin to glow and give the image of mystery.

hairpin roller

A unique work of art. Even on “sparse” hair, it will help to create a voluminous bun. Popular for its ease of use. So the ends of the tail are twisted onto a roller, after which they fasten it and straighten the hair.

These types of hairpins exist in the modern world. Each of them is a unique opportunity to create an elegant, catchy, confident, strict and many other hairstyles. Therefore, choose what is closer to you and create a new masterpiece. After all, who knows, maybe you will become the new hair accessories designer or stylist!


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