Delicious, natural sweets — RUSH caramel popcorn.

It’s not just sweet popcorn. We made a REAL and healthy gourmet dessert based on creamy caramel and popcorn. We added whole, selected nuts, seasoned with a generous portion of airy marshmallows and drizzled with Belgian chocolate. We don’t just cook unusual sweets — we make healthy treats for our children from natural ingredients. Gluten free. Without preservatives. Without dyes. No flavor enhancers. And if you want to please yourself or your child with a sweet dessert, then you should try RUSH caramel popcorn — much more useful than «long-playing» sweets in the store.

Is there a lot of protein, phosphorus, iron, silicon, polyphenols in chocolate or sweets; are they rich in carbohydrates and fiber, are they antioxidants? Namely, do candies contain riboflavin and pantothenic acid, the most powerful antioxidant substances? I think no. And it’s in the popcorn.

And our caramel is brewed from 4! ingredients that everyone has on the table every day. … We took care of your health by reducing the sugar content by 2 times — we introduced this natural sugar substitute into the recipe. It is very useful at any age and can even be used by those who suffer from diabetes instead of sugar. You get the same sweet popcorn, with less sugar, but with a storehouse of vitamins.

There is NOTHING dangerous or threatening to our health in our sweet dessert.
Well, if only one thing — very tasty and impossible to stop!


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