Useful properties of lavender and how to use a sachet with lavender?


A sachet of lavender is a small cloth pouch filled with ground lavender alone or combined with other spices and herbs.

The healing properties of sachets with lavender are not limited. When used, it affects the body as:

1. Antiseptic and antibacterial. It soothes irritated areas of the body, promotes rapid healing of wounds, effectively fights microbes and relieves inflammation.

2. Sedative. It has a beneficial effect on the central nervous system, enhances stress resistance.

3. Energy. Relieves stress, accelerates recovery and activates mental abilities.

Lavender sachets from Smart Textile can be used as:

1. Protector against moths and unpleasant smells of things after long-term storage in the closet. It is made from dried lavender flowers without impurities. Its smell repels moths, and things acquire a thin, fresh plume.

2. Keeper of healthy sleep. Light, unobtrusive, relaxing fragrance. In case of a bad, nightmare dream, the bag is placed under the pillow, and a sweet dream is provided until morning.

3. Stimulant of feelings and desires. Lavender flowers raise vitality and sharpen the senses. Sachets with this composition are best kept in the bathroom. During water procedures, a person relieves stress from himself and is charged with strength. As a result, there is a mood and desire to move forward.

4. As a gift. A set of three aroma sachets filled with natural lavender inflorescences will be a pleasant, original gift for those who appreciate the benefits of natural materials, natural ingredients, and sophisticated design.

The pouches are made of linen material, trimmed with lace and ribbons, emphasizing the elegance of the sachet. Take yourself to the purple fields of Provence with an aroma sachet from Smart Textile.


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