Tourmaline face mask or How to prolong youth


Tourmaline mask, or How to prolong youth
Every woman wants to stay young and attractive as long as possible. One of the ways to stop the aging of facial skin is a tourmaline mask. Its effect is based on the action of an electric mineral — tourmaline, discovered back in the 21st century by Pierre Curie and Marie Sklodowska-Curie.

Tourmaline — a magical remedy for rejuvenation
Tourmaline has two unique properties:

infrared radiation — 14-15 microns;

· constant electric charge — 0.06 mA.

The infrared radiation of the crystal is identical to the radiation of human cells — the wavelength is the same. This is due to the healing effect on living organisms. Interaction with the mineral first of all affects blood circulation. It increases the oxygen content, which improves blood circulation.

Infrared radiation is stimulated by heating the crystal. A special magnetic field is created, which, together with negative ions, triggers a vortex effect (resonant absorption). Thus, the impact on the deep layers of the dermis is carried out. There is an expansion of blood and lymphatic capillaries, the work of cells is activated, metabolism improves and, as a result, the skin rejuvenates.

What is tourmaline mask
The rejuvenating agent was created in accordance with the traditions of the Ancient East. Inside the mask are:

natural nanocrystalline tourmaline;

high molecular weight cooling and softening gel.

The crystals are located in special points, which, when put on the face, coincide with its acupuncture points. As a result of contact, a cosmetic and massage effect is created.

The elastic cooling gel is evenly distributed throughout the mask, which allows you to feel the cooling effect at all points of contact with the skin.

Indications for the use of tourmaline mask
The tool is shown to women and girls of all ages. With its help, you can successfully deal with:

Inflammation of the dermis

Small wrinkles

loss of facial muscle tone;

dark circles and bags under the eyes;


Dryness and sagging of the skin;

· pigmentation;

dull complexion.

Regular use of a tourmaline mask allows you to get rid of these problems in the shortest possible time and prevent their reappearance.

Achieved effect
Women and girls who have accustomed themselves to spend about 15 minutes daily on healing the dermis with a mask get the following effect:

the dermis becomes lighter and more tender;

the face acquires elasticity, firmness and smoothness;

bags under the eyes disappear;

the contour of the face becomes more pronounced;

shallow wrinkles disappear;

The corners of the eyes are tightened.

All of the above is the result of improved blood circulation and cell renewal in the dermis.

How to apply
Before use, the tourmaline mask should be placed in the refrigerator. When it cools, you should fix it on your face and relax. Upon contact with the skin, the mask will gradually warm up. Women in the process of facial rejuvenation enter a state of relaxation.

As it heats up, the infrared radiation of tourmaline is activated, penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin and improving microcirculation in it.

Reviews of women about tourmaline mask
In the reviews of women and girls using a tourmaline mask, its following features are noted:

The effect can be achieved only with regular use;

Sometimes during the procedure, a slight tingling sensation is felt;

relieves facial muscle tension, swelling disappears;

headaches go away

The mask is odorless, pleasant to the touch.

Often, when purchasing a tourmaline mask, women are skeptical about information about its miraculous effect. Around the third week, skepticism passes, because there is a clear positive effect of the unique mineral.


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