Stylish leather jacket — how to choose your own?


Surely you have heard the question more than once: “Where did you buy such a stylish thing?” Agree, it is always especially pleasant when others notice a new thing, make compliments, ask about the place of its purchase. So, with the purchase of a leather jacket from the Banada brand, such questions will only increase.

The trend for oversized cut models in clothes has recently been especially clearly seen and is found in clothing brands and in online store selections. It’s comfortable, practical and stylish. The leather jacket of the Banada brand meets these functions completely. In addition, the material will please even the most demanding customers — soft, pleasant to the touch eco-leather — does not have an unpleasant odor and does not wrinkle. If suddenly you leave the house with a bag over your shoulder or a backpack, there will be no creases or “dents” on the jacket.

A great option for walking with children or friends on a summer evening, traveling or events with a dress code (theater, exhibition, birthday, etc.). Whatever awaits you during the day, the jacket will fit into any image you choose, and only decorate it, making it more expressive and attractive.

Also, our leather jacket will complement the image of both pregnant women and women who have recently given birth, who especially appreciate the time when getting ready for the street. Thanks to the loose sleeves, the jacket does not hinder movement, due to the lightness of the material, it does not feel like a heavy load on the body. The dimensional grid is also designed for large sizes — they are even more suitable for the definition of «oversized». For some reason, clothing brands rarely produce quality clothes in plus sizes, and this is their obvious omission! Banada brand clothes are available and suitable for all girls, regardless of the parameters and preferences in clothing. The price will pleasantly please, and the purchase will give confidence, effectively emphasizing your unique personality and character.

Banada — start with self love!

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