Quartz or mechanical: which watch to choose?


The main difference between quartz watches and mechanical watches is in the energy source. Quartz watches run on a battery or accumulator, while mechanical watches run on a spring. As a rule, mechanical watches are more expensive, because their assembly requires special care and scrupulousness.

Mechanical watches often demonstrate the high status of their owner. Often they are real works of art; some models are made of precious metals, encrusted with diamonds.

Quartz devices are more practical and unpretentious in operation.

How to visually distinguish a mechanical watch from a quartz one?

There are several ways to distinguish quartz watches from «mechanics»:

  • On a quartz watch, the hand usually moves in sharp jerks, while on a mechanical watch it moves smoothly.
  • Quartz watches are often marked Quartz.
  • If the watch case is transparent and the work of gears is visible through it, the watch is mechanical.

Advantages and disadvantages of quartz watches

Quartz movements are battery operated. The charge passes through the quartz crystal. Under the influence of an electric current, it begins to vibrate and starts a stepper motor, which drives the clockwork. Some types of quartz watches have a digital display instead of an arrow dial.

The main advantages of quartz devices include:

  • High running accuracy.
  • Ease of operation. The clock does not need to be constantly wound, and the battery should be changed once every 2-3 years.
  • Impact and damage resistant.
  • A large number of functions. Devices of this type may contain a pedometer, an alarm clock, a stopwatch, etc.
  • Affordable prices. The production of quartz watches is automated, so their cost is relatively low.

The main disadvantage of quartz models is the high cost of their repair. If any part breaks, it will be necessary to completely replace the entire mechanism.

When using the product, you must adhere to a number of rules:

  1. Keep the watch away from mobile phones, radios and other sources of electromagnetic radiation.
  2. Protect from mechanical damage, direct sunlight and dirt.
  3. Avoid sudden temperature changes. Strong heating or cooling may render the electronic unit and battery unusable.
  4. The best storage place would be a small box.

Advantages and disadvantages of mechanical watches

The work of the «mechanics» is based on the gradual unwinding of the spring, which drives the drum. Rotating, the drum launches the rest of the elements.

Mechanical watches are classic watchmaking. They are assembled and tuned by hand, so the cost of such accessories is quite high.

Mechanical watches start working after the factory. The owner must turn the crown every day.

Some of the benefits of mechanical watches include:

  • Emphasizing the high status of the owner. Mechanical watches are the most prestigious.
  • Exclusivity. Some models are produced in limited editions. This is important for those who want to own a rare and unique thing.
  • Durability. High-quality «mechanics» serve for decades.
  • Environmental friendliness. All parts are made from natural materials, and due to the fact that there are no electrical components in the mechanism, there is no environmental pollution.

The disadvantages of mechanical devices include:

  • Sensitivity to shock and damage. A mechanical watch is a rather fragile accessory.
  • The need to wind the clock every day. However, now on many models there is an automatic winding — a mechanism that tensions the clock spring at the slightest movement of the hand.
  • High price due to painstaking manual assembly and expensive materials.
  • Big weight. Typically, mechanical devices are quite heavy and massive and are often designed for men.
  • Lower accuracy than quartz watches. If quartz samples for a week deviate within a second, then mechanical samples for the same period have a deviation of about a minute.

Mechanical watches should be treated with great care. Once every three years, they must undergo preventive maintenance, which prevents the natural wear of the product.

If you are thinking about which watch is better to buy, be guided by your taste and the purpose of using the accessory. If you love expensive exclusive things or want to demonstrate your high position, choose a mechanical product.

If you are looking for a practical, accurate and inexpensive watch, take a look at one of the quartz models.


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