Photo album — memory forever! Which photo album to choose?


We each have our own interests and preferences, but we all value memories. And exactly Photo allow us to relive memorable moments even after many years. Despite the ability to store photos digitally, many people still prefer photo albums. They, like paper books, will never go out of fashion. The BRAUBERG assortment includes more than 100 different types of photo albums. We talk about their diversity and features in the article.

The most common are photo albums with polypropylene sheets and pockets.. They are slide files for inserting photos, 10×15 in size, with a capacity of 36 to 500 photos. By type of application, they are divided into family, wedding, travel, children’s (for girls and boys), for newborns and universal.

Photo albums with magnetic sheets are also in high demand. Of course, there are no magnets in these albums. The pages in such albums are made of thick paper, on which an adhesive layer is applied in narrow stripes. The top of the page is covered with a transparent film. Photos on such a page are held due to the fact that the film sticks, as if magnetized, to the page.

In order to place photos on a magnetic page, you need to peel off the film and lay out the photos on top of the adhesive layer. In this case, it is necessary to leave a free margin around the perimeter of the page, to which the transparent film will be “magnetized”. After placing the photos, you need to cover them with a film so that there are no air bubbles and wrinkles. The advantages of such albums include the ability to place photos of different sizes and at the right angle.

Photo album inner unit with paper sheets consists of a polypropylene pocket and a memo insert. It is convenient to take notes and signatures in them.

An important difference in the albums is sheet fastening type. Distinguish:

• book binding

• on rings

• spiral

• thermal bonding

When choosing a photo album, you need to consider cover material, the lifetime of the album will directly depend on it. The most durable material is eco-leather. Such a photo album will serve for many years, retaining its original appearance.

Another kind — textile cover. It is pleasant to the touch, has various colors. The laminated cardboard hard cover delivers vibrant prints and colours.

Time passes very quickly, and the only way to stop it is to capture memorable moments in a photo. And photo albums allow you to conveniently place them in chronological order. The simple tips given in the article will help you choose the best option and keep the photo in excellent condition for a long time.


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