Mommy Baby diapers are gentle, like mom’s love.


Mommy Baby diapers are so gentle and pleasant for the baby’s skin that they give a feeling of care and comfort, like a mother’s touch.

Every newborn just needs gentle touches and hugs. The baby learns to communicate, feeling how he is being touched, how he is being held. To show love and tenderness to him is simple:

carefully hug the baby to yourself and slowly say how much you love him,

gently stroke the face of the crumbs, uttering affectionate words,

stroking the child’s hands

When breastfeeding or giving a bottle, carefully hold the baby in your arms.

Put the child’s hands on your face and touch them to your nose, lips, hair

Especially the baby needs hugs before going to bed. Mom affectionately hugs the baby and carefully changes his diaper, kisses, lulls and puts him to bed. After that, the baby feels only the softness of the cradle and the tenderness of the surface of his diapers, which reminds him of his mother’s touch.

It was possible to achieve extraordinary softness and tenderness of Mommy Baby diapers by applying all the latest technologies and the latest, high-quality materials in production.

Mommy Baby diapers are also loved because they:

Quickly absorbing — thanks to Japanese super-absorbent and SUMITOMO/SANDIA absorbent paper, diapers quickly absorb moisture, turning it into a gel (10 grams of SUMITOMO macromolecules absorb up to 1000 ml of liquid);

Ultra-thin — the latest materials make the diapers very thin and gentle, which increases the comfort of use;

Hypoallergenic — diaper components absolutely do not cause allergies, and also have no smell;

Breathable — high-quality cellulose and non-woven fibers make Mommy Baby diapers very soft and gentle, and also provide good air circulation, leaving baby’s skin always dry and without diaper rash;

They have Convenient Velcro — modern technologies of the German company KLETTEN, allow Velcro to be fastened easily and reliably, and more than once.

Possess a Moisture Indicator — the moisture indicator will show in time when the diaper needs to be changed;

Affordable thanks to the Favorable price — PREMIUM quality diapers at an attractive price.

To make your baby feel only gentle touches, join the number of satisfied buyers of Mommy Baby diapers.


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