How to teach a child to wash their hands?


Each parent must have experienced that his child forgets or does not like to wash his hands, for example, when he comes home from the street, before sitting down at the table, after various creative games with chalk, felt-tip pens, plasticine and other various things, after which it is necessary visit the bathroom.

And they do not like it, not because children are opposed to this, but because our children do not always realize the importance of this process. We talk to them, explain to them that this is one of the most important and main processes in a person’s life.

Thanks to our beautiful set, your child will not need to be reminded to wash their hands and brush their teeth. The child will have a personal set, which he definitely will not disregard.

The set includes a beautiful children’s soap dish and liquid soap dispenser, a cup for a toothbrush and toothpaste, and a cool addition — a washcloth.

Now the kids will definitely visit the bathroom more often than adults!


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