How to surprise a man in bed: 3 tips (18+)


Due to stress, fatigue, constant news, libido has decreased and the desire for intimacy has disappeared? Make pleasant surprises for your man and get new emotions together. These ideas will come in handy not only on his birthday or your anniversary, but also on the most ordinary day. An unexpected holiday on weekdays will please him even more. After all, this is a gesture made from a pure heart.

1. Board game for adults 18+ with Kamasutra poses. Now there is no need to look for a book and look through new poses there, playing with a poster is perfect for a gift to your man even without a reason. It will be much more interesting to open windows like in a lottery under a sketch layer and complete interesting tasks. After such a game, you will definitely try and learn a lot from your partner.

The board game for adults from Magic Eco Home is great.

2. Sex toys. If you are a beginner, then you can use the simplest vacuum wave clitoris stimulator with vibration. This will be enough to surprise a man very well for the first time, feel free to use it together, and don’t forget about lube. Well, then you can use gadgets for the pros.

3. Find an online course with new blowjob techniques. Do not regret your education, especially since such skills will always come in handy. And yes, always remember that the main thing in this matter is whether the partner likes it. You can ask clarifying questions during the day in correspondence or during dinner, thereby warming up interest in the night in advance.


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