How to make delicious coffee without a coffee machine?


Coffee in a cup is an easy and convenient way that does not require special devices. In order for you to get a balanced and tasty drink, you only need to take into account several parameters of taste. We share the main secrets:

Water temperature

The water for making coffee in the cup should be 95 degrees. To get this temperature of water, you can simply boil the kettle and leave it for 2 minutes after boiling.

Grain grinding degree

Coarsely ground coffee is best for preparing a drink in a cup. The degree of grinding will determine how uniform the drink will be.


We recommend the proportion — 12 grams of ground coffee per 200 grams of water 95 degrees.

drink recipe

Pour coffee into a cup, pour in water, creating turbulence, leave for 4 minutes and remove the «cap» from the cup.

Without special devices at home, the in-cup method will reveal the flavor profile of I love beans, both espresso and filter roast. By the way, this method evaluates the quality of grain Q-graders. Have a great day and delicious coffee! Share your recipes for making coffee at home!


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