How to increase the physical activity of the child?


Children by nature are perpetual motion machines, jumpers and runners. Physical activity is essential for the healthy and fulfilling development and growth of a child. However, with TVs in every room, game consoles and many other gadgets in homes, children’s interest in active games is drastically decreasing every day. This can cause many problems with health, mental development, the formation of life principles, interests and goals. Today, there are many ways to resolve such difficulties. And one of them is to increase the physical activity of the child from an early age. Your attention is invited to one of these tools — a children’s frame trampoline with a protective net ZTOA with a diameter of 140 cm, designed for both home and summer cottages.

5 reasons to buy a ZTOA trampoline for your child

  1. Daily jumping on a trampoline contributes to the physical development and strengthening of the muscle tone of the child’s body.
  2. The rational use of energy by a child during the day helps to establish sleep and wakefulness, and also improves appetite.
  3. A trampoline is a fun pastime, no tears.
  4. Active games improve mental abilities.
  5. And also, the presence of a trampoline in the house or in the suburban area will help keep your furniture safe and sound, because the little rascals love to jump on sofas and parental beds so much.

What is the advantage of ZTOA trampoline?

One of the main advantages of the ZTOA trampoline is its compactness and budget price. A small trampoline can be easily placed in small spaces — both in an apartment and in a country house, as well as in garden plots. Due to its compactness, the trampoline is quite easy to assemble and mobile to move from one place to another. The packaging dimensions are 88/25/19 cm, and the weight is only about 8 kg.

The trampoline includes:

  • assembly and installation instructions, 122 cm high safety net with wear-resistant zipper
  • foam tube — 6 pcs
  • upper guides — 6 pcs
  • tubes — 6 pcs
  • jumping wear-resistant and waterproof canvas — 1 pc
  • strong springs — 36 pcs
  • spring tension tool — 1 pc
  • protective caps — 6 pcs
  • non-slip shock-absorbing feet — 6 pcs
  • footrest — 6 pcs
  • protective cover for closing springs — 1 pc.

Based on the technical characteristics, the trampoline is intended for use by children aged 3 to 10 years, weighing up to 45 kg. For children under three years old, a trampoline can be used as an arena, which is sometimes very necessary and convenient for parents.


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