How to dress a teenager for school by September 1? Let’s pick up a shirt in three steps


On the eve of the school year, many parents are wondering: how to dress a teenage boy in a stylish, comfortable, and also inexpensive way? And the most problematic aspect in choosing a school uniform is the selection of a universal white shirt for a guy that will last more than one month.

Let’s analyze the main secrets of choosing a shirt for a boy to school.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the quality of the fabric. A teenager will spend most of the day studying at school, which is why a high-quality shirt is a guarantee not only of good mood and health, but also of the child’s impeccable academic performance. When choosing a shirt for a teenager, you should carefully study the composition of the product. It is better to give preference to cotton shirts, the content of synthetic materials in which is less than 40%. With this composition of the tissue, the child’s skin will breathe, there will be no irritation and itching. A high-quality cotton shirt is visually quite dense, but not stiff, and also does not have a glossy sheen, and the fabric itself is moderately wrinkled.

The next secret in the selection of a school shirt is the style of the product. When choosing a shirt model, we pay attention to the physique and individual characteristics of the figure. So slim and fit guys are perfect fitted shirts and shirts with a short straight bottom. Strong teenage guys, as practice shows, prefer straight-cut shirts, since this style does not hinder movement. When choosing a shirt model, it is better to know the parameters of the child. For the convenience of choosing Wildberries, most sellers have a dimensional grid, which makes it easier to buy a teenage shirt. In this case, several rules must be followed:

  • the length of the shirt should reach the waist and fall lower by 5 — 10 centimeters. So the school shirt will be conveniently tucked into trousers;
  • the sleeve of the shirt should be slouchy so as not to hinder the boy’s movements. Therefore, it is better to choose a shirt with a sleeve 2-4 cm longer (for this, we measure the distance from the shoulder to the wrist and add the indicated centimeters);
  • we pay special attention to the collar of the product: between the collar and the neck of a teenager there should be a distance equal to the width of one index finger. In this case, the shirt will not squeeze the neck even when worn with a tie or bow tie.

Third tip: do not forget that light products get dirty faster and lose color. Therefore, before the start of the school season, it is necessary to purchase 2-3 shirts in basic colors, such as white and blue.

The question remains: where to buy a quality shirt for a student? The old traditional options for buying shirts in mass markets and on the market are being replaced by buying goods on online platforms. Such a choice of a school uniform will help save not only money, but also time, especially if you can buy a shirt for a boy during promotions and discounts that are regularly held in online stores.


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