How to diversify a children’s party? One unusual way!


Children’s parties are endless games, pillow fights, sweets and a lot of impressions. But what if you want your child’s party to be different from others? We have a great solution for you!

Before the children gather at the festive table, we invite you to play a game with them. Ask each riddle, and for the correct answer — give a prize: an unusual sound straw Sip n’ Sound. Believe me, there will be no limit to joy. Why? Let’s tell now!

The Sip n’ Sound Straw is an animal toy on a straw that makes a characteristic animal sound when the drink passes through the straw. This simple device will make the usual process of drinking your favorite drinks even more fun and exciting! The liquid passing through the straw “revives” the sheep, and it begins to make a characteristic sound. As soon as the liquid stops passing through the straw, the sheep will automatically “stop talking”, waiting for the child to want to drink again.

The straw can be used many times. And to wash it, just remove the toy, and then place it back on the straw. The straw works from 3 A76/(LR44) batteries which are included in the package.

You can choose a straw with one of 6 animals: a sheep, a monkey, a pig, an elephant, a tiger or a brown dog. Thanks to this variety, each child will have a straw with their own animal.


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