How to choose quality shoes


In this article we will analyze what you need to pay attention to when choosing children’s shoes.

Genuine leather is better for the health of children’s feet, nothing has been invented yet. It’s good if the inside of the shoe is also natural or other “breathable” material.

Neat seams — high-quality shoes are stitched by hand by shoemakers. Naturally, the seams should look nice and be strong enough.

The sole of the shoe is glued to the leather frame with glue. It is important that this is done carefully and that there are no glue residues anywhere to be seen.

The sole itself should be fairly light and flexible.

A child in shoes should be comfortable: the model should sit tight enough, but not press or rub while moving.

And of course, shoes should be beautiful and like both mom and child!

The photo shows shoes of the IRIDIS brand. The high quality of the brand’s models is ensured by natural materials and a high proportion of manual labor in production.


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