How to choose a scooter


scooter is one of the children’s favorite activities. Such walks bring real pleasure to children, teach them to control their bodies and contribute to the physical development of the child. A scooter can become the first and favorite vehicle if you choose it correctly.

kids riding a scooter

Let’s look at the main criteria that will help you make a choice:

Number of wheels

When choosing, you need to take into account the age and individual physical development of the child. Scooters can be divided into two main categories: 2-wheel and 3-wheel.

For younger children, a 3-wheel scooter with two wheels in the front is worth choosing. It is the front two wheels that help to keep balance and give the scooter stability.

There are 3-wheel scooters that have two wheels at the back. These scooters are more manoeuvrable.

There are also 4-wheel scooters in which the rear wheel is doubled. This was done to give greater stability.

From 4 years old you can choose a 2-wheeled scooter. But it should be borne in mind that such scooters are unstable and are suitable for children who can perfectly keep their balance and have developed coordination of movements. If the child is just starting to master the scooter, then it is better to wait a little with the purchase of a two-wheeled scooter.


At what age can you buy a scooter and teach your child how to ride it? It is believed that two-year-olds already have good control over their bodies and can begin to master the scooter.

For children from 2 years old there are scooters-balance bikes with seat and parent handle.

Height and weight

As a rule, in the characteristics of the scooter there is a paragraph that indicates the recommended parameters for the weight and height of the child for riding the selected model. To make sure that the scooter is suitable for the child, put the child on the deck and determine the position of the steering wheel. The physiological position is to find the steering wheel in the chest area. Consequently, when driving, the steering wheel will be opposite the solar plexus and the child will not slouch. You should not buy a scooter «back to back», a person grows and in a year the transport may turn out to be small. But it is not worth taking with a large margin. The child should be comfortable using the scooter.

on a scooter


Deca — the platform on which the child stands when riding. It should be comfortable to stand on. The deck should not be too narrow or long, otherwise the child will be uncomfortable. But also a wide deck will be uncomfortable and it will be difficult for a child to ride a scooter.

Steering wheel

Must always be made of metal. Rubberized or foam rubber handles will not let your palms slip It is good if the handlebar height is adjusted in the scooter you have chosen. For young children, the most physiological is the height of the steering wheel to the chest when riding, as mentioned above. Children from 5 years old begin to master stunt scooters, in which the handlebars can be located low. This helps to perform various tricks with less risk.


The scooter must have a brake. There are two types of brakes: foot and hand. The foot switch is located above the rear wheel or wheels. To slow down with the foot brake, the child just needs to press his foot on it. The handbrake is located on the steering wheel and is pressed with the palm of your hand.


The material from which the scooter is made also matters. Combined scooters made of metal and plastic are lighter and, therefore, even a toddler can handle it. All-metal scooters are heavy and older guys can handle them. In addition, all-metal scooters are durable.


Pay attention to if the scooter has depreciation. If it is present, there will be no strong shaking on bumps. Therefore, such models help to protect the joints and spine while riding.

Wheel material

Also, shock absorption is given by wheels made of rubber, not plastic. An important point in choosing a scooter is the wheels. Plastic wheels are short-lived, noisy and not as comfortable to ride as rubber ones. The only plus of plastic wheels is that they reduce the cost of the scooter.

There are also additional parameters, such as compactness and the presence of pleasant little things, such as a flashlight and luminous wheels.

Choosing a folding scooter or a regular one depends on your requirements. Folding is convenient to take with you and it takes up little space.

Have you decided on the choice of a scooter? Excellent! So your child is almost ready to start the race. It remains to choose a protective helmet and protective shields for knees, elbows and palms.

Happy walking!


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