How to care for linen clothes?


Linen almost never goes out of trend. This natural and lightweight material is always present on the catwalks. However, linen items are finicky in care, which many do not remember or do not know about.

Easy care instructions for linen

1. No aggressive agents, bleaches, chlorine, etc. Use baby powders or products for delicate items. If there is a stain, soak the product in cold water and try to remove the stain with citric acid or vinegar.

2. Linen loves hand washing. But princesses don’t wash with their hands. What to do? Wash in a machine, but only at low speeds and observe the temperature regime (dark and colored items — no higher than 27 C, the rest — no more than 40 C, undyed linen can withstand up to 90 C)

3. After washing, linen items require additional rinsing. Even if you have a fashionable eco-powder, it is better to rinse the product again to avoid the oxidative effect of the fiber.

4. Linen should be dried horizontally in the open air, no heated towel rails and bright sun (otherwise it can sit down).

5. And finally, my favorite pastime is ironing. Flax is stubborn, it is not easy to iron it, it is better to do it while the thing is a little damp, heating no more than 200C (with moisture).

*If you want to add shine, you need to iron on the front side.

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