HOW and WHY do children play with the constructor?


When choosing a gift for a child, pay attention to such an entertaining and interesting thing as the ANT constructor. These «smart toys» can occupy the baby for a long time and become his favorite. After all, with them you can come up with a huge number of new games and collect interesting designs. The designer for children is not only fascinating and interesting, but also useful. Games with the constructor Ant: — well develop imagination and fantasy; — contribute to the development of voluntary attention, perseverance and willpower. After all, to build a house, the crumbs will have to spend a lot of effort and time; — form spatial and figurative thinking. The child tries to assemble from the constructor what he saw (car, house, train); — develop fine motor skills, eye and general movements. The baby trains muscles, he learns to develop strength, to determine by eye the required number of parts, their size and configuration. Although, if your child can be called hyperactive, he will be bored playing with the designer. Therefore, the little fidget needs to be interested. And here a lot depends on you, more precisely, on your mood. If you yourself are bored with assembling the designer, then what can you expect from a child. But when he sees with what enthusiasm you set to work, he will definitely want to join you.

Psychologists recommend!

  • Start playing yourself. When you have purchased the constructor, laid it out of the package, you should start playing it yourself. This will arouse the interest of the child;
  • Put the pieces away after each session. It is very important for a child to form order;
  • It is not necessary to play the constructor before going to bed, because when the thought processes are excited, it is difficult for the child to slow down this process. The game must end no later than half an hour before bedtime;
  • If a child has built something and does not want to disassemble it, because he tried and made efforts, and says that he wants to leave it, parents, listen to his request;
  • If a child does not want to engage in a constructor, there is no need to force him. Reproaches of parents as a bone will stand across the throat. The child will not be motivated to even approach the designer because of reproaches. If you don’t want it, remove it. Take it out after a while and start playing by yourself. Then the child will also join, and you will become an assistant for him.


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