Highlighter for hair: how to make curls shine?


Homemade hair masks are far from being a marketing ploy, and our products prove it 100%. In addition, many of them are chosen by professional masters when performing salon procedures. The effect as «after the salon» at home is now a reality

Revitalizing thick mask-concentrate Glossy Mask from the Glamor series with a highlighter effect for hair.
The Glamor line is aimed at treating the cuticle layer and restoring the color of dyed hair in just 1 procedure!

Glossy Mask contains:

— precious ruby ​​powder,
— sugar cane cysteine
— Omega 3-6-9 complex.

Ruby microparticles prevent the appearance of unwanted «faded» shades and give a «sparkling» shine to the hair. The mask gives a mirror shine and emphasizes the juiciness, brightness of the shade of dyed hair. Its thick texture envelops each hair, saturating the lipid layer, reducing brittleness and dryness by 50% after the first application.

Sugar cane cysteine ​​gives hair maximum density and thickness. Wheat protein, soy protein, oat extract, panthenol and shea butter, which are included in the composition, powerfully restore and nourish the hair along the entire length, also contributing to the appearance of a three-dimensional shine.


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