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Here is a detailed review of the all-season scarf Glacier 2M nonsense ALLOY.

The tent is positioned as a universal all-season. It has two entrances with voluminous vestibules, in which, in addition to things, it is quite possible to deploy a kitchen without leaving the tent.

The tent stands apart from the entire model range of the Alloy, where green predominates. Live looks very nice. The tent can be seen from afar, which makes it easier to find it on the slopes of the mountains and in places where you need to navigate. In addition, due to the bright color, being inside the tent is very comfortable even in cloudy weather, which is especially important at the time of prolonged bad weather. Living in a gray tent is much less pleasant.

The key feature of the tent is its design. First, an awning is installed on three racks, and then the tent itself is attached to it from below on simple clamps. This feature, firstly, allows you to set up an awning in a matter of minutes in case of bad weather, climb into it with all your things and, without getting wet, calmly stretch the tent. And secondly, the design involves the simultaneous installation of an awning with a tent already attached to it, which will save installation time even more.

In addition, the assembly mechanism is also well thought out. The 2 main posts that form the volume are made of gray aluminum, and the third post that stretches the vestibule is orange. Assembling the tent for the first time, there was no thought of putting anything in the wrong place. Everything is done absolutely logically and clearly. Another nice detail. Gray racks on one side have blunt ends — they are inserted into the pockets of the awning and go all the way. On the other side of the uprights there is a pin, which is already inserted into the opening of the awning at the moment of stretching. This design difference excludes the ingress of earth or snow into the pole, as happens when the ends of the poles are hollow and it is necessary to insert a pin fixed at the corner of the tent into them.

By the way, the whole process is easily done with one hand, since it is necessary to insert the racks in only two places, and there is no need to control the opposite end of the rack so that it does not come out at the moment of stretching. It seems to be a trifle, but in tourism, where the tent is assembled and disassembled every day, this simple nuance will save a lot of time and effort, which may not remain after the transition. Especially during a sudden storm.

After assembly, the tent takes the form of a hemisphere. Even if it is not stretched, it keeps its shape. Forgetting to stretch it and waking up after a night of rain, I did not find any traces of sticking to the tent awning. However, in the mountains, stretching is not an issue, and there are plenty of options to stretch. The hemisphere shape also helps to resist the elements. In whatever direction you press on the tent, adjacent posts, resting against it, do not allow it to develop. I am sure that in the most severe wind with proper stretching there will be no problems.

The tent is equipped with snow skirts. There are different opinions on this matter. I think that the skirt is an undeniable plus. Especially in this design.

The arguments are as follows:

— in strong winds, it is possible to press down / stretch the skirts, improving aerodynamics.

— significantly reduces the contact of the tent with the ground in case of rain. It turns out something like a drainage system, which means it will be dry inside for much longer.

— In winter, skirts are covered with snow. In such a tent it becomes much warmer.

— in summer, when installing an awning without a tent, skirts do not let mosquitoes inside. This discovery turned out to be very useful in the spring in the Crimea. In an ordinary tent you wake up with the first rays of the sun. And if you live under one awning, then you get much longer sleep. As a summer version of hiking, you can take one tent without a tent with you, saving in weight and compactness. And there is a lot of space inside.

Let’s take a look at the inside

Everything is pretty standard here. Along the perimeter there are many pockets for small things. And here is a very interesting ceiling design from above. The ceiling is made in the form of a 6-hedron. It is quite high and under it hangs a very comfortable and roomy mesh. You can comfortably sit in a tent, there is enough space in height with a margin.

But the width of the tent is exclusively for two people. The three of us, of course, is real, but the comfort will not be the same. Optimal is still two or three, but only in the tent mode without a tent, in the summer. Despite the fact that the width of the tent itself is small, you need a lot of space to set it up. And here is the main disadvantage of such a design. If in the forest and in the field this issue is not so relevant, then in the mountains you will have to carefully choose a place for installation. Do not put it on every patch. Or a compromise option to remove the third rack, but then all the aerodynamic advantages of this design will disappear. In general, it should not be considered as an assault tent on difficult rocky routes. This must be taken into account when choosing.

In life, the tent turned out to be on top. When using it, there were no negative aspects. Ventilation is very good thanks to two through windows under an additional canopy, which lead inside the main tent. Accessories and pegs are made with high quality and there are a lot of them, with a margin. The compression sleeve is also very comfortable. The kit includes a repair kit with both self-adhesive patches and pieces of fabric for all the necessary elements. When communicating with the tent, an extremely pleasant impression remains. It feels like everything has been done with attention to detail. Guys with a reflective coating, pegs are branded and have ropes for easy getting them out of the ground. And so it is everywhere. Very cool.

Benefits of the tent:

Beautiful appearance.

Ease and speed of installation.

Reliable and simple design.

Full functionality for any kind of activity.

The ability to install only an awning.

Snow skirts.

Volumetric vestibules and interior space.

Quality accessories and fittings.

Small for the functionality of the tent weight and volume.

Tent cons:

Large installation area.

Living with more than two is problematic.


Alloy Glacier 2M is a versatile tent for all kinds of activities on any type of terrain and in any weather. Thanks to its design features and characteristics, it can be recommended with confidence as a tent for all occasions.


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