4 ways to teach your child to read


In order for a child to grow up as an educated, cultured and diversified person, he needs to read. Surely this is no secret to anyone.

But how to teach a child to read when there is a lot of easily accessible information obtained from the Internet and television programs around? The problem is relevant for most parents.

We offer you ways to consistently instill in your child a love of reading.

read with a child

1. We start reading from birth. Reading contributes to the development of speech, memory and perception of the world around.

2. Read and then discuss books with your child. Alternatively, you can use audiobooks.

3. Over time, as the child grows up, we make it a rule that reading should be a daily ritual. Leave the choice of book topics to the child himself.

4. It is interesting to get acquainted with the writers of the read works through biographies, museums, performances in theaters.

And do not forget that the main motivator for the child is his own parents.

We wish you success!


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