What greens to choose for decoration: phytolamp against decorative sedge


There are places in the apartment where whatever you do, the plants will not be comfortable. Features of the climate, the location of the apartment and rooms create the conditions in which flowers have to survive. You can’t put a pot of green sedge grass in a bathtub or hallway, but there are two solutions to the problem. You can use a phytolamp and provide artificial lighting to the grass, feeding it with fertilizers and increasing care, or simply buy green decorative sedge.

What are the advantages of artificial sedge thickets

Ornamental plants do not visually differ from living ones, but at the same time there is no garbage from them, no need to replant. There are many fans of fresh flowers, but they also use a complex solution, placing plants in favorable places for their growth, and decorative sedge to dilute the interior of the room. There are several reasons to choose an ornamental sedge plant:

hygienic: no need to replant the flower, water, process from pests. The earth constantly rots, and harmful substances from this process enter the air. It is generally accepted that living plants purify the air, but this stereotype is no longer viable.

practical: just buy an artificial sedge and choose a suitable place for decoration. Decoration does not require special care and remains unchanged for a long time.

Beautiful and indistinguishable from real plants. Often, people around do not even realize that the flower is artificial, wondering how good it looks without sunlight.

Inexpensivewhen compared with natural flowers. Sedge itself is quite cheap, but it needs a regular change of land, fertilizers, care. It will be a pity if the sedge does not endure the winter and the wonderful pond is left without greenery. Ornamental grass is enough to buy only once and it will delight with its freshness.

Common hairy sedge, even being decorative, retains the charm and brightness of greenery. High-quality decor is indistinguishable from a real plant and perfectly complements any design ideas. If a room seems drab, lacks accents, or needs to add more life, then take advantage of the beauty of faux greenery.


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