Rose in cosmetics. What foods are worth trying?


Rose essential oil is one of the most luxurious and effective cosmetic oils, as well as a versatile product for women’s beauty. It evens out the complexion, relieves swelling, relieves dark circles under the eyes, helps strengthen capillaries, reduce the oiliness of problem skin, tighten tired and moisturize dehydrated skin.

And rose oil has unique anti-aging properties: rejuvenates and saturates the skin with antioxidants for elasticity.

Today we decided to tell you about products with rose essential oil, which are in assortment SIBERINA is a lot. So, let’s begin!

Rose hydrolate gently cleanses the skin, removing inflammation, redness and irritation. It has a nourishing and moisturizing effect, saturating the skin with vitamins, micro and macro elements. By the way, we have it in two volume options — 50 and 100 ml.

rose essential oil regulates the level of skin hydration and helps eliminate skin imperfections, rejuvenating, stimulating and soothing effect, eliminates dullness, cross-section and brittle hair.

Bath foam «Rose» relieves fatigue and stress, smoothes and restores skin elasticity.

Body cream-butter «Rose» has excellent emollient and moisturizing properties, makes it tender, relieves peeling.

These products are worth a try not only for the sake of care. Aromatherapy session during use is a nice bonus!


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