Natural soap as a work of art


Soap is one of the most popular cosmetic products. We use it every time we wash our hands, which happens several times a day! Someone prefers soap instead of shower gel, someone likes to use it for washing or cleaning.

It would seem that this is an essential item, an everyday thing in the household. But what if we say that soap can be pleasing to the eye, like a beautiful work of art, and cheer up with a wonderful aroma?

All this is about handmade soap from SIBERINA. The original recipe, natural composition, delicate fragrant foam, excellent cleansing properties and our branded stylish packaging with leaflets and a special stand for soap… And how elegant it looks in the soap dish on the bathroom shelf!

Depending on the active ingredients, you can choose care for oily or dry skin, take a hypoallergenic odorless soap, scrub soap for gentle exfoliation or laundry soap that will replace more than one cleaning, laundry, dishwashing detergent.

Our soap contains no aggressive substances, it does not dry or tighten the skin, unlike industrial soap, but there are many valuable cosmetic oils with excellent moisturizing and nourishing properties — olive, jojoba, shea, cocoa, coconut, almond, sea buckthorn, etc. d. Therefore, it can be safely used not only for hands, but also for the body.

We can talk about the advantages of our product for a long time. But you better try it yourself and understand everything! In this review, we will talk about several types of soap that many of our customers have already fallen in love with.

pay attention to soap «Kedrovoe»— it is perfect for oily skin care, perfectly cleanses, refreshes and gives a rich coniferous aroma.

Aroma soap «Mulled wine»— this is the very combination of spices that reminds of Christmas, gifts and cozy winter evenings with a cup of a warming drink. We added real red wine to the composition, seasoned with cinnamon, anise, cloves and bright citruses. This smell will definitely impress you and make Mulled Wine soap your favorite on the bathroom shelf!

Floral fragrances also take pride of place in our assortment. For example try soap «Rose» with silk proteins and feel the sweet smell of rose bushes in the garden or enjoy the gentle scent of lavender that will give you soap «Castile». We brew it according to the traditional recipe, according to which the soap is 90% olive oil, which gives the product wonderful moisturizing properties.

Feel free to recommend our novelties in the soap line — you can easily distinguish them, because. they are rectangular, not oval, and attract attention with an unusual color with beautiful “marble” stains. Soap «Bath with eucalyptus»can be used not only at home, but also for bath procedures. It perfectly cleanses the skin, and the invigorating aroma gives incredible freshness.

Soap «Mango Delight» with a tropical aroma makes the skin incredibly soft and smooth, charges with solar energy and good mood.

Do you often wash by hand, do you prefer natural cleaning products? Choose soap «Coconut for home» is a universal product that is suitable for hands, body, washing, washing surfaces and floors. The soap is hypoallergenic, so it can be safely used if there is a child in the house.

Choose your favorite handmade soap from SIBERINA, and we are sure that you will not stop at more than one 🙂 Such a beautiful and fragrant soap is perfect as a gift for the occasion or without — it will be appreciated by relatives, friends and colleagues!


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