It couldn’t be easier: how to quickly catch all the rodents in the house?


The cool time has come and all the field residents are actively looking for a warm and cozy haven for overwintering, bringing a lot of trouble from their presence in their homes. It is important to remember that rodents not only damage structures, causing damage to property, they are also carriers of diseases that are extremely dangerous for humans and domestic animals. The most popular, simple and budgetary way to get rid of pests in homes and non-residential premises is the use of special traps, as well as the use of chemical poisons. What types of mousetraps and rattraps help to solve this problem will be described in our article.

It is impossible to execute, pardon!

Mouse traps and rat traps from the Planet Gardener company are a real find for supporters of humane methods of dealing with small pests. In practice, they are also called live traps, since the main goal is not to kill, but to catch a rodent, which is undoubtedly an advantage, unlike the classic traps. With the help of simple manipulations, the animal can be taken out of the room along with a mousetrap / rattrap and let go.

Article 16473801 is a closed structure made of transparent plastic with an automatically closing door, which allows you to track the process of catching a rodent. The bait is placed on the opposite from the entrance to the trap. When the animal enters the box, a spring is triggered. The door slams shut, leaving the rodent to get out. Through openings in the top part of a transparent mousetrap provide continuous air supply that interferes with death of a rodent in a house. The set of mousetraps includes 2 houses that can be installed in different rooms.

Article 12680977 — This is a metal cage for catching rats and mice. A special powerful pin is built inside the structure, on one side of which there is a door locking mechanism that is ultra-sensitive to movement.

When the animal enters the cage and tries to pull the bait off the hook, the spring is immediately released and the door slams shut. Perforation on the body allows you to see the rodent caught in the cage. A characteristic difference, as well as the advantage of this type of trap, is the possibility of hitting several mice or rats at once, depending on their size. The cage can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Article 12680976 — mousetrap made of stainless or galvanized steel with perforation. This trap is designed to catch rodents in any conditions.

Any flavored foodstuff can be used as bait for all types of traps. The most reliable options would be bread dipped in vegetable oil, sausage, cheese and others. In this matter, you are unlikely to have any difficulties.

What do mice like to eat?

Mice and rats are rodents that never suffer from lack of appetite. They are omnivores. It would seem that it could be easier — spread the poison in the house and wait for everything to quickly and quietly disappear. Of course, the very fact that rodents are able to absorb everything indiscriminately greatly simplifies the process of dealing with them. However, if you have pets in your house, or little curious kids running around, you should pay attention to mousetraps with insulated bait containers.

Mousetrap houses with bait are a reusable plastic container with a built-in insulated compartment for poison bait. This type of trap is available for use in 4 variants that differ in the composition of the bait:

  1. Mousetrap Mouse breakfast MK-01 includes grains from cereal crops (wheat, barley, oats, etc.), which are colored in a contrasting color that attracts attention and treated with attractants to increase efficiency.
  2. Mousetrap Mouse Snack MK-02. An effective rodenticide poison in granules was used as a bait. The mousetrap can be placed both indoors and outdoors.
  3. Mousetrap with poison Mouse snack MK-03. The bait of this type has the form of a paraffin briquette. It is allowed to use the mousetrap indoors and outdoors. After being poisoned, rodents become mummified.
  4. Mousetrap Rat Dinner MK-04. The bait in this trap is sold in the form of soft braces. There may be one or more mousetraps in the room at once.

To bring the mousetraps into working condition, it is enough to pour the bait into the compartment of the plastic container intended for it and install the mousetrap in the habitats of pests. The death of rodents leads to the eating of toxic substances for several days. If the poison for rodents remained intact, then you need to move the structure to another location. When the bait is completely eaten, it is necessary to fill the compartment with a new portion.

For those who are afraid to use mechanical mousetraps, there are simpler and more effective glue-based traps.

Glue trap for rodents «Glue Sentence» from the company «Planet Gardener» is a mini-book inside which a super strong fixation sticky layer is applied on the surface. As a bait in the trap, a food attractant is used, as well as mineral oil. But for greater effectiveness, it is recommended to put additional baits inside or next to the product. This mousetrap works on the principle of a paper flytrap. The animal, running along the sticky surface, inevitably sticks to it, having no chance to get out. When a rodent falls into a trap, it remains only to get it and dispose of it. Compared to the aforementioned house-shaped mousetraps, this type of trap can be classified as a less humane way to deal with rodents. However, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. The trap is an environmentally friendly and safe product, odorless and does not emit toxic substances. Reusable use is possible if liquids and direct sunlight are avoided on the sticky layer.

It is important to note that all of the above rodent control products are safe for humans and pets due to the fact that the bait is within the reach of only small pests. And the strength of the structures ensures reusable use for a long time. All of the above traps are very simple, easy to use. Due to their compactness, they are easily placed in any habitat of pests.


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