How to warm a child in a car in cold weather?


The Teplokid child car seat heater will help with this. A comfortable car seat cover warms its surface, creating comfortable conditions in the car for a small passenger in winter and cold periods. Some might think: why warm up a child car seat if the child is already warmly dressed?
Thick multi-layer clothing provides the baby with the necessary thermoregulation, but does not protect him from penetrating cold. That’s why adults dressed in warm clothes turn on the seat heater when they get into the car. And for a child, even a short stay in a cold car seat carries the risk of hypothermia and, as a result, the risk of getting sick.
Unfortunately, small children, due to their age, cannot tell whether they are hot or cold, and older children do not always adequately assess this by looking around, so parents have to regularly touch the child’s nose or hands, distracting from the road, which is extremely dangerous.
Teplokid starts working when the car seat temperature is less than 20°C. After reaching 40 ° C, the heating will automatically turn off, so the driver does not have to be distracted from the road to manually turn it off. 40°C temperature is enough to warm up the surface of the child car seat and then transfer the heat to the baby. Tactilely, it is not significantly felt due to a small difference with the normal human body temperature (36.6 ° C). The device is equipped with built-in protection against overheating and operates from the cigarette lighter. At the same time, the cord length of 2.2 m will allow you to use heating even in a minivan. You do not have to worry that the malpp will overheat or freeze while in a static position in the car.

Teplokid heating is very easy to install and compatible with all child car seats, so you can use it for a very long time.


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