How to teach a child to think effectively? Proven ways for preschoolers.


We all consider our children to be special and we want the baby to grow up healthy and smart, to be successful in life, to succeed and become happy.

And what is needed for this?

The answer is simple: give the child a solid footing and push him in the right direction. But at the same time, you can’t do everything for the baby — he must learn to solve problems himself. The seeds of these abilities, which will be so needed in adulthood, must be sown from an early age.

Start simple!

Lay the foundation. Teach your child to independently identify patterns, compare, establish cause-and-effect relationships. Develop logical thinking in it — this is the key to successful study and the ability to make the right decisions in life.

But there is a problem: usually, children do not want to learn — it’s too boring. So, a bitter pill must be mixed with something tasty. Guess what you need to serve a dry dish from training? Of course, with a sweet and alluring game! Entertainment can be helpful! Professional psychologists and educators actively use this approach.

Can I have an example?

Let’s look at one example of such training: Bondibon’s Color Imagination logic game. In it, wooden colored circles and numbered cards must be laid out on the platform in different sequences. Such a game will introduce the kid to the basics of mathematics: it will give the first lessons in addition and subtraction, it will clearly demonstrate the numerical sequence. This will be an interesting and exciting lesson: feeling the wooden parts and bright colors of the puzzle will keep the baby’s attention and have a positive effect on the thought process of understanding and assimilation of information.

Another example is the recreational game «Acrobat Agility». In it, the child, depending on the task, will line up the figures of acrobats in a row in descending order or build a pyramid out of them. This requires forming images in your head, comparing them with reality and testing them in practice. That is, the game, while entertaining, teaches spatial thinking, and it is part of visually figurative thinking. All studies are connected with the latter: it is important to be able to operate with objects in the imagination for the development of mathematical skills. Thus, neural connections are formed in the child’s head, which are the foundation for the development of thinking in general.

Our whole life is a game

It is not necessary to torment your child with boring activities, you can captivate him so that he cannot tear himself away. Play is the perfect way for a child to develop with pleasure. Various puzzles and board games are great for this and there is always a choice for any age. Bondibon produces a whole series of similar logic games that actively develop different types of thinking in children of different ages.

«Educational games» from Bondibon are the most interesting non-card games with colorful dice, figurines or other elements. Games teach counting, train memory, promote concentration and development of visual perception, spatial thinking. Playing together also strengthens the child’s social development.

Series games «Play. Think. Learn», IMU for short, are recommended by family psychologists as an excellent tool for the comprehensive early development of the child. These are bright cards, chips or stickers, with the help of which it will be easy for parents: to teach the child to count, think, compare and analyze, and also to develop the child’s feelings, fantasy and imagination, evoke positive emotions, build the child’s speech into beautiful connected texts and stories. Kids really need these games!

«Educational games» — exciting games, during which the development or improvement of various skills takes place — such as dexterity, reaction, fine motor skills are improved. Children playing educational games train thinking, ingenuity, imagination, creativity.

The line of logic games from Bondibon was developed by professionals in their field — psychologists and educators. The high quality and unique design of the parts perfectly complement the useful content. As a result, such a game will always be a pleasant and useful gift that will interest children and parents.

Choose Bondibon and let your child enjoy getting smarter!


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