How to properly wash your hair


The health and beauty of your hair depends not only on chemical, but also on mechanical influences!

Remember how we washed our hair in our childhood? Foaming the whole mop of hair with an accomplice «quack-quack»? Wetted and rubbed sparing no effort, like linen on a washboard?


And now we are trying to forget and not do it again!

Our task is to learn to do the following with love.


Beat the shampoo in your hands until foam forms. Apply to wet scalp with massage movements. Styling, leave-in products and other impurities will come off the length of the hair along with foam and water. We DO NOT wet the length! Otherwise there will be dry fluffy straw.

The most popular LORYS shampoo with Aloe Vera extract for those who lack volume and have to wash their hair frequently. With the help of mild sulfates, gently cleanse, remove excess fat and make hair crumbly.


A useful step in the care regimen. Once a week, we clean the deeper layers of the skin with it.


Carefully wring out the hair after washing. Wet with a soft towel, and preferably with a T-shirt (husband))). We apply a mask, retreating from the roots. For greater effect, we put on a hat made of polyethylene.

We are waiting.

Wash off.

A hair mask with an extract of the Brazilian Jaborandi flower will help moisturize and restore hair along the entire length. Jaborandi is a medicinal plant. Jaborandi promotes the regeneration of new cells.


Conditioner was applied after the mask. It closes the scales of nourished and moisturized hair. Conditioner and mask have completely different functions and cannot interchange without each other! Rinse out the conditioner or not depends on the product. We read the instructions on the labels.

5. Leave-In Serum/Liquid Silk

On damp hair (not wet), apply a leave-in product. Rub in hands until hot feeling and carefully distribute along the length of the hair. We pay more attention to the ends.

Liquid silk from LORYS has a unique formula and was created for hair reconstruction. After it, the hair is smooth and shiny, as after salon care.

The rule “the more the better” does not work. For the desired effect, distribute funds more carefully and pay attention to each strand.

Shampoos, conditioners and masks are washed off for a long time, plentifully, not sparing water and strength!

Drying your hair naturally is not the healthiest way! If you dry your hair at a distance and on medium mode, you will keep your hair healthy and beautiful for many years.


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